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iansmyname.....orisitjohn?   on 15/07/19 @ 20:55 said:

Mark you are more than welcome and I'm so glad we got some clear weather on both days. There was a point between Carnedd Daffyd and Llewelyn when we were being blasted by the wind & rain that I thought.....why? That passed and the great views we got descending Llewelyn and Pen yr Helgi Du more than made up for the rough stuff. 2 Amazing days out. Glad you enjoyed yourself

M1960   on 15/07/19 @ 21:04 said:

Paul: I didn't mention your friend Mike (with the scrambling dog), because I think you said he's not on OD?

M1960   on 15/07/19 @ 22:38 said:

Ian: I'm very grateful that you stuck with the high-level route – to me, there's no point in travelling all that distance to walk in the valleys! Weather forecasters have a difficult job (although I do sometimes wonder if they also have a warped sense of humour ), but a bit of wind and rain on a safe route is character-building anyway .

Ridgewalker Dancing again 🥰   on 15/07/19 @ 23:08 said:

Well indeed everyone involved the weather added more randomness than I can create on my own would have been great to get everyone in 1 place for a while, but I believe we all had fun. Not sure why we missed a few apparent no shows no shows. Just arrived back home after yet another diversion on my return. After resting from Billy’s 5hr nimble bumble across the Snowdonia , I did my customary high walk around the Cwm Idwal conversing with the rocks and the keeper of the kitchen. Same time next year 🤫 shots up soon

iansmyname.....orisitjohn?   on 16/07/19 @ 22:59 said:

Ridgewalker Dancing again 🥰: Do you have plans August bank holiday weekend Paul?

trekkie  on 17/07/19 @ 10:13 said:

Sorry, Had to dash off on Saturday evenig before you guys got back from Anglesey.
Looks like you had a good time and good weather.

Bit wetter on the Glyders but not too bad and got some views on the way down.

Thanks Paul for putting the event on.

Ridgewalker Dancing again 🥰   on 18/07/19 @ 9:49 said:

Hi Ian, no but its a week before my last MTB of season in Hope. will be there with LSS on 10th.
See you all next year at CIESLW 2020 with Kayaks and MTB's

iansmyname.....orisitjohn?   on 18/07/19 @ 23:52 said:

Ridgewalker Dancing again 🥰: Hey Paul. Responding to the getting everyone in one place part of one of your previous comments. It's lovely being at the Yha Idwal location, but it is a bit restricting with regards to getting booked up well in advance. We camped overnight at They have 2 bunkhouses and a large camping area. Just a thought for next year this may be a better central location to meet and be based from. How about making it a full week too? I would be up for it. Best regards, Ian

Ridgewalker Dancing again 🥰   on 23/07/19 @ 16:04 said:

Hi Ian, yes been looking into this idea, and shall keep it on the table along with any other options within the Ogwen valley, the stretch into a week is also an option for many, along with a few more activities such as Kayaking and an MTB trek along with a visit to Holyhead mountain. keeping it all flexible is the key as weather can dictate the boundaries of Extreme. just awaiting confirmation of getting holiday time of next year. or finding away to retire again.

iansmyname.....orisitjohn?   on 24/07/19 @ 18:51 said:

Ridgewalker Dancing again 🥰: A Friday/Saturday to Sunday/Monday would be Incredible. Hoping to be up to speed with Extreme by next year, but your ethos of flexibility and adapting to conditions is the way to go. Great job Paul on creating an annual ever evolving inite. Looking forward to CIESLW 2020

Ridgewalker Dancing again 🥰   on 26/07/19 @ 13:25 said:

It is Done 🙈

iansmyname.....orisitjohn?   on 28/07/19 @ 20:55 said:

Ridgewalker Dancing again 🥰: Nice one Paul . Been scouring tne Cicerone scrambles in Snowdonia on the train back from London today. So many amazing scrambles of all grades to look forward to. Look forward to CIESLW 2020. Hopefullly I'll have a kayak by then too.......nudge to MIke

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