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Dale   on 10/07/19 @ 11:28 said:

I really really really would love to but I have so much going on with family etc that I would be surprised if I could get away at any time July or August maybe part of the first weekend in September or all of the second. You organised a fabulous series of events last year 😂🤣😀

Lancs Lad   on 10/07/19 @ 12:52 said:

Thought you had retired Dale??
So second weekend in September would be good for you? Hope you're keeping well

Dale   on 10/07/19 @ 13:44 said:

Haha yes Jason, I’m very well, still playing out mostly and any free time already promised, also, one daughter had a baby recently, other daughter getting married in August and I have my Mam every couple of months, for a couple of months. Soooooo if you fancy doing it for second weekend in September, it will go in my diary x

Dale   on 10/07/19 @ 20:21 said:

Just to clarify Jason that by the second weekend, I mean Friday the 13 th. I’ve just realised that Sam has a Derbyshire weekend planned for that weekend too so another one might be better for you or others ☹️

Mitch   on 10/07/19 @ 20:28 said:

I am interested in this very much but as Dale has mentioned it is Sam's Derbyshire weekend and i am definitely going on that but i have mailed some dates to you (Lancs Lad) which might or might not interest you.

landranger68   on 15/07/19 @ 19:08 said:

Hi L.L.
Would be interested in September and will keep looking at updates

Twotone   on 16/07/19 @ 15:14 said:

Would be interested in September. However can not do the first 2 weekends (7th - 8th and 14th - 15th)

Lancs Lad   on 17/07/19 @ 11:29 said:

How does weekend of 7th and 8th September sound?

Mitch   on 17/07/19 @ 12:49 said:

For me its a yes yes yes please, put it ont site, but its not just about meeeeeeeeeee

Dale   on 17/07/19 @ 12:52 said:

I’m travelling back from Scotland on Friday 6th but maybe maybe able to make some of it

Mitch   on 17/07/19 @ 12:55 said:

Sounding good to me Dale

lizzied   on 23/07/19 @ 4:43 said:

If you’re organising it Jason it’ll be fun and probably quite adventurous!! Are you planning to put an invite up soon?
It would good to see you again too Lis

Lancs Lad   on 23/07/19 @ 14:26 said:

Ok lovely people.... and Dale , invite is posted up now for the 6/7/8th September. Sincere apologies if you cant make these dates.. hands tied on my own commitments too.
Lizzie i am relying on you to get the Kent OD'ers up north ;-)

Dale   on 24/07/19 @ 12:29 said:


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