Jo1   on 27/06/19 @ 18:49 said:

Happy days indeed!
Thank you Tracey for a super day....superb walk, and so glad that in the end the sun decided to shine, I was a bit concerned (or should I say chilly) at the start!

Cazzer  on 27/06/19 @ 20:50 said:

Gutted I couldn't make it.....booked day off but
work just gets in the way!

clearbluesky   on 27/06/19 @ 20:50 said:

Yup, thanks Tracey for a fab walk. Great to see everyone. It certainly beat a day in the office

Cazzer  on 27/06/19 @ 20:51 said:

Seriously hope you run this again at the weekendxx

PeteK   on 28/06/19 @ 13:11 said:

Many thanks Tracey for such a lovely and varied walk. The usual gang were great as always but also lovely to see some people I've not seen for ages. Just sorry I had to break off before the end. Places to go and people to see...

Happiest in the hills   on 28/06/19 @ 17:14 said:

A great big thankyou to Tracey for putting on such a super walk. The day of course made all the more enjoyable with usual banter and catchups. Note to self - remember the hay fever meds next time!!

The Wanderer Returns   on 29/06/19 @ 7:16 said:

Thanks Tracey for putting on such a wonderful walk. Lunch stop location was especially good.

Miss T   on 02/07/19 @ 7:12 said:

Thanks to all who took the trouble to post such nice comments, muchly appreciated
I had a great day, really enjoyed the walk, the company and the weather!
See you all soon,

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