Highpeakman   on 10/06/19 @ 19:49 said:

It's a good job you didn't climb Dale, 'cos I've got your poles!!! I'll bring them to Flamborough. x

Dave C   on 10/06/19 @ 19:54 said:

Well said Dale , Thanks g4g for a great days walking,and for organising the evening as well, and the lovely curry on Friday (Dale’s dessert was excellent as well)
Great weekend, wonderful company ....

Bal   on 10/06/19 @ 23:05 said:

I think Dave and Dale have it covered but I must add my thanks to Going for Gold for organising such an interesting alternative walk at short notice. Hills,lakes,caves and some pretty good chips! Great curry on Friday and food at Zeffirellis on Saturday-fine jazz quartet as well. Oh and the cheesecake and fruit as well-good foody fun !

Dale   on 11/06/19 @ 6:32 said:

Highpeakman: I’m really missing my poles and you a bit too. Looking forward to seeing you both 😀😀

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