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landranger68   on 28/05/19 @ 8:30 said:

Hello Di,
I have been a member since 2010 and have made many lifetime friends,a really good times and especially the long weekends spent plodding the Fells around Keswick and an unforgettable Trekies Coniston Capers,with Ducks swimming between the Tents,almost blown away on top of the Old Man.We may be from different walks of life and age,but it is that common bond of friendship and love of the Hills and Valleys that make OD so special

Camino Queen   on 28/05/19 @ 10:26 said:

Thanks Landranger yes I have many dear friends too. I've also experienced so many beautiful walks in the Peak District near where I now live..
But there are lots of other groups too which people are joining so I wanted a few answers us it's nice to hear other members views. Thanks

Site Admin   on 28/05/19 @ 11:54 said:

Hi CQ,
Investors from the USA? A few billion bucks perhaps?
Ahhh - if only. Still just little ol' me providing a service for y'all. No stetson on my head or oil money in my back pocket.

Site Admin   on 28/05/19 @ 11:58 said:

The new look was prompted by the increasing number of mobile users, and the the amount of feedback I was getting regarding the site looking a bit "90s"

Invites are entirely member led, and if people have found new partners or groups of friends and moved on then I guess thats what the site is about. "Meet new outdoorsy people and discover a new life"

Site Admin   on 28/05/19 @ 12:05 said:

On the data front:- nothing is sold, passed to any third party or in any other way sent to any other server than this one. Yep, this is a very unusual social networking site. Unlike Fb, Google groups, various chat apps etc we don't have anyone advertising to you, profiling you, mining your data or snooping in any way. Your data is totally private Even I only look at the data when a user has an issue I need to sort out.

I have been in IT for nearly 30 years most of that time dealing with databases, some of it for marketing purposes, and I don't have an FB account. Never had, never will.

Site Admin   on 28/05/19 @ 12:13 said:

For most so called free sites you are the product. You are sold for many millions to advertisers, political profilers, and various questionable entities. When the Cambridge Analytica Facebook scandal broke I was able to smirk into my pint and mumble "told you so!".

Have a store card? I can buy a list of those who prefer black knickers over white. No, really. Why do you think you get those discounts ...

Is a website pushing their app at you? Of course they are. An App, unlike sites in a browser, can search your memory card, contact lists and messages for items of interest and upload them to the controller.

Site Admin   on 28/05/19 @ 0:00 said:

Its just little ol' boring me here I am afraid!

Site Admin   on 28/05/19 @ 12:23 said:

p.s. Glad you like the new site CQ.

trekkie  on 28/05/19 @ 15:28 said:

Steve, Great reply which clarifies what's behind.

I know you have an objective of running a good and safe site which serves different purposes for different people.

I know it costs in actual hard cash and a great deal of time and you deserve to be recompensed for both.

Similarly as you have stated, events are member led and whilst you are no doubt the enabler, the additional value is community based by member events.

trekkie  on 28/05/19 @ 15:32 said:

So it is we, the members who direct our destiny in terms of events.
Firstly by those who invest in putting up invitations, secondly by people attending and supporting the invitations.
In the early days the events were few and less variety. There are so many different things available now which can stretch both comfort zones and budgets if you so wish. There are also regular regional activities.

trekkie  on 28/05/19 @ 15:45 said:

I too remember with fondness the Coniston event Keith refers to.
That was in the early days, it is testament that these memories have stood the test of time and the acquaintances have grown to friendships.

The Christmas parties, summer balls etc which I have never attended, looked amazing.

So what is the site? It is what ever facets you take and mould for what you want. Dip in as suits or fully immerse yourself in a community or family of friends and like minded people wanting to share.

Great job Steve, and great job all who put on and support the events.

Glyn2   on 28/05/19 @ 23:34 said:

I’ll just echo what Dale said in a comment on a previous forum discussion ‘trekkie for prime minister I say’

Mitch   on 29/05/19 @ 9:41 said:

and Dougie for Chancellor of the Exchequor

milvus   on 29/05/19 @ 21:42 said:

Well said Treckie, thank you Steve; probably not said often enough 😊

Camino Queen   on 18/06/19 @ 13:41 said:

Thanks Steve for answering and nice to have things clarified. Not sure re the white or black knickers on the data???
Great folk got involved in this forum. Thanks

Ultreia (Jo & Alan)   on 19/06/19 @ 21:40 said:

It was a brilliant question Di and a brilliant reply Steve, Keith and Trekkie. I will ditto Babs, thank you Steve for bringing us all together.
Ps that was one very wet weekend and I still remember it with fondness. Another very wet weekend when we met Mitch or should I say he was shocked to meeting us lol. 9 years ago wow how time flies when you're having fun.
Steve I do believe we should celebrate the 10th anniversary of OD. Party on you Mr Billionare

Camino Queen   on 20/06/19 @ 18:24 said:

I'll have a prosecco or two...any more orders at the bar??

Rourky   on 22/06/19 @ 9:49 said:

Oh yes Jo..... Party to celebrate 10th year would be great and an ideal opportunity to catch up with members both oldies like us and newer members from this fantastic community

suesingularity   on 18/08/19 @ 9:01 said:

Thanks for clarification Steve.. now I know why I'm the app resistor
I've been somewhat absent from OD for a few years and had not realised there had been a fall numbers of invites. Not sure if there's also been a fall in numbers of members. What I look for is variety of activities and variety of there's something for all. I do hope there are still people who opt for a gentle style of walking...with time to take in the magnificence. Especially in the high peaks which tend to attract the more active types.

landranger68   on 18/08/19 @ 12:34 said:

Hi Clive,
Would you be donning your Monks outfit again,but i am unsure if fits in with your lifestyle

Ally & Dave   on 19/08/19 @ 13:27 said:

A chance for likeminded people to connect and in many cases make lifelong frienships and partners along the way!

Rourky   on 19/08/19 @ 23:09 said:

One thing i have always counted on in all the years ive known you on this wonderful site young Keith is your cheek 😂 and with regard that particular outfit, it may just make an appearance, it may not, but as you know, nobody expects the Spanish Inqusition

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