chrissy100   on 13/05/19 @ 20:08 said:

Let’s hope we get such good weather on the kentmere horseshoe Dave.
Thanks to everyone who came along for the best easy scrambling kinder has to offer. I was most pleased to see green hairstreak butterflies dancing in Crowden clough. Icing on the cake.
Hats off to Alfie. He’s a toughie and always welcome.

Flat cap (Mike)   on 14/05/19 @ 15:05 said:

I want to echo Dave and say a big thank you to Chrissy for the enchainment of good scrambles. Would be great to do some more.
I do disagree with the opinion about Alfie, though. I don't like dogs too much, but I don't like seeing them suffer either. Alfie was clearly very stressed on the scrambling parts, and as his responsible owner I would have stood up to my misjudgment and stopped after the first scramble.

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