Helvellyn40   on 05/05/19 @ 10:54 said:

Thanks to all those who joined my walk over Wild Boar Fell, great views and company all day, and mostly walking on a nice green grassy carpet, which you wont find on the 3 peaks. This is one of my favourite walks in the dales.

Bea ( Pebbles)   on 05/05/19 @ 13:40 said:

H40 Paul Thank you very much for putting Yorkshire on the map
You are our man for our Dales and its great to have a great leader inviting us to explore our " patch"
It was great to have met Evina and John and it was a great surprise to see Billy again.
A great walk Paul...loads of fresh air and sunny bright spells with a stiff cold breeze and a little hail shower and grandiose views.
Ta very much

Bigfoot   on 05/05/19 @ 17:18 said:

Thanks Paul for putting it on, it was a new hill for me, I need to explore the area it bit more, Good to catch with old friends and meet new ones, hopefully see you soon on another.

Lakelander   on 05/05/19 @ 18:14 said:

Thanks Paul, excellent route over the one of the best hills in the Yorkshire dales. Looking forward to more.

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