Helvellyn40   on 03/05/19 @ 11:23 said:

Yes, very strange, and I certainly wouldn't contact any one of that age.

LaurieC   on 03/05/19 @ 14:32 said:

And me, from someone who claims to be a young woman in the USA. How many accounts you got Doug?

Lazlo Woodbine   on 03/05/19 @ 15:13 said:

Just the one.

Kestrel7   on 03/05/19 @ 18:14 said:

I received one message but blocked any further ones.

Camino Queen   on 04/05/19 @ 10:49 said:

It's called Catfishing and it happens on face book and lots of dating / friendship sites
Ive had several army generals all nice photos with dogs and horses contact me on fb but just block as probably 18 year olds wanting my money and they'll be lucky...
That's the joy of OD you can meet real people on walks. Be safe and just block them..

landranger68   on 04/05/19 @ 10:58 said:

At our age Lazlo we can`t be taken in by any scams,but brightens a few seconds on receiving such requests when viewing life from a window watching horizontal rain lashing down and realized that Boots have been left out overnight

Jill18   on 04/05/19 @ 12:05 said:

So how is it that they are not a paid members and they can see our profiles..worrying ๐Ÿ˜•

Lazlo Woodbine   on 04/05/19 @ 16:12 said:

The odd thing about this cat fishing scam is that they didn't want to know me. Am I so repulsive that I can't even attract criminals?

Heather Valley  on 05/05/19 @ 9:12 said:

Jill18 anyone, paid up or non-paid up members, can see people's approximate location through the map search. Perhaps I'm the only person who is concerned about this.

Glyn2   on 05/05/19 @ 10:49 said:

Lots of people worried about various security aspects I think but are having private conversations about it off the site until itโ€™s sorted

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