Maz   on 28/04/19 @ 21:29 said:

Good walk Dave, thanks for a lovely day on the Berwyns. Cloud lifted for us to have good views.

Jo1   on 28/04/19 @ 21:31 said:

Yes thank you Dave, super walk, fabulous views and the weather was kind to us too. Good company as ever and thanks to Ann for the cake!

Dave C   on 28/04/19 @ 23:39 said:

Thanks for your messages everyone, I’m glad that you enjoyed the walk although I was a little disappointed that only one member of the group took the swimming Option that I provided.
Maybe next week!!

Indiana Jane   on 29/04/19 @ 13:05 said:

A great walk. I hope it goes as well for you when you do it next weekend.

Indiana Jane   on 29/04/19 @ 19:17 said:

In case anyone is interested, the monument that we saw on the Berwyns was a memorial to Walter MacGregor Robinson, from Liverpool, who wrote about cycling under the pen-name of Wayfarer. He pioneered off road cycling long before mountain bikes were invented.

Dave C   on 06/05/19 @ 9:54 said:

Hi just a quick update, I took my other group yesterday and all went well, only one person fell in the water ... ME ... that Karma sure is a bitch !!

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