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Heather Valley  on 25/04/19 @ 21:56 said:

Can people opt out of this if they want their location to less specific?

Heather Valley  on 25/04/19 @ 22:01 said:

I mean, please can you remove me from this. Thanks.

Glyn2   on 25/04/19 @ 23:24 said:

Good advice Ruby Walls - couldn’t decide wether to put myself in the woods or in the river - even I can’t find me now!

Miss T   on 26/04/19 @ 7:18 said:

I'm sat in the middle of a roundabout!

TC   on 26/04/19 @ 7:57 said:

I've gone for a swim.

Dale   on 26/04/19 @ 11:18 said:

Hey hey, I’m on Roseberry Topping. Loving it up here

Maz   on 26/04/19 @ 18:01 said:

Scary, never looked at this before. Have definitely moved house away from home.

Try to find the same direction   on 26/04/19 @ 18:45 said:

Hey girls , do not be lost where you live

Heather Valley  on 26/04/19 @ 20:23 said:

Ha ha ladies! Ruby Walls I haven't got a mouse so can't move my icon. Site Admin/Steve, would it be possible to have an opt out of showing your location other than your county button?

TC   on 27/04/19 @ 11:10 said:

Heather Valley: if you are using a phone just press and hold then drag yourself to somewhere else. I'm told the views from the roof of Kings College are nice

Heather Valley  on 27/04/19 @ 12:01 said:

Thanks TC but I've only got a v.basic phone and am unable to do this. I'd be happy to give my log in details to someone I already know and trust so they can move my icon.

Site Admin   on 29/04/19 @ 15:05 said:

Heather Valley: You have been moved!

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