M1960   on 17/04/19 @ 14:12 said:

The LDWA used this for their 'Pilgrims 100 Plus' in 1982. The route description is in two parts – Winchester to Guildford and Guildford to Canterbury (the '100 Plus' joined the '100' at Guildford).

Unfortunately, it’s too long ago for me to have any detailed recollections of the route.

Camino Queen   on 18/04/19 @ 10:25 said:

Hi thanks so much I won't be doing it like the ldwa as they can do some miles without stopping. I'm using b n bs along the way.. But I'll check the link thanks M1960 I want to do 20k - 30k per day

M1960   on 18/04/19 @ 14:19 said:

The route passes quite close to Reigate, where I live. If I'm around at the time, then there's a free bed here for the night if you don't mind slumming it - I live on my own and the house is the proverbial pig sty, so no good if you are at all fussy!

landranger68   on 20/04/19 @ 8:52 said:

I walked this route in 2015 and found the St Swithins Way (Winchester to Farnham) paths a little sketchy to New Arlsford. Then becomes the North Downs Way from Farnham. The footpaths throughout Kent were hardly maintained,until around 10 miles from Canterbury.Overall it was a very interesting journey.Hope you don`t experience the Thunder storms,with a bolt of Lightening striking a Tree a 100 metres away crossing Ranmore Common.I was given free entrance into the Cathedral as a Pilgrim Walker

Camino Queen   on 22/04/19 @ 20:58 said:

Oh my Goodness I don't want to be struck by lightening or hit by a tree...landranger68 but hey thanks for the pigsty offer M1960 must say I'm flattered.
I think I am going to give this a go just sort dates out and check the weather for thunder storms and avoid woodlands ...Thanks CQ🙂🙂

landranger68   on 23/04/19 @ 9:37 said:

Best wishes on your journey and enjoy each day and no too may samples when passing through several Vineyards.Really interesting day from Guildford and Box Hill🙂

Peregrina   on 26/04/19 @ 11:30 said:

I'm also not far from the north downs and happy to offer you a bed for a night, and pick up/drop off. I have walked the whole of the north downs way but in the opposite direction. I loved it all, except the bits near the motorways which results in a constant traffic drone. Beautiful landscape though.

landranger68   on 26/04/19 @ 15:00 said:

When viewed from above,it can be seen how much has been carved out of this beautiful area.

Camino Queen   on 04/05/19 @ 10:57 said:

Thanks for all your kind offers and advice.
I've got a few walks coming up including the Camino Primitivo and St Cuthbert's Way with OD folk mainly to get me into the stride....

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