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Alan   on 15/04/19 @ 18:27 said:

Great walk - highly recommended.
Wye Valley, Tintern Abbey, Monmouth, Herefordshire, mid-Wales towns, Clywd hills & finsihing in Prestatyn/Rhyl(!)
Beautiful scenery and enough up and down to be interesting - enjoy.
I took 2 weeks from South to North, staying in hostels/B & Bs towards the end of March.

suesingularity   on 16/04/19 @ 6:41 said:

Get the guide book . Useful tips like where you can get water or a cuppa in churches in the villages. I've done bits of it and am really impressed with signage and no stiles.

Maz   on 16/04/19 @ 8:12 said:

Doug, please feel free to include Ruthin as a stop over with my house and garden. About an hour below the Clwydian hills.🙂
The Clwyd Gate is closed and has been for a while so no accommodation there. Good cafe and shop in Llandegla ( on the route) a few miles further on.

landranger68   on 16/04/19 @ 8:52 said:

Hi Lazlo,
I walked this Trail in 2006 in really good weather.Great start from Chepstow,Wintors Leap,Devils Pulpit,Hatterell Ridge into Haye,I could go on,but the 18 miles from Langedla to Bodfari Clwydian Hills was a challenge as there is no water unless a detour but a wonderful area to be in🙂

Lazlo Woodbine   on 18/04/19 @ 12:38 said:

Thankyou all who provided information and a special thanks to Maz for her kind offer.😀

milvus   on 20/04/19 @ 21:53 said:

On my to-do list!

gem1000   on 20/04/19 @ 22:29 said:

Mine too! Have done sections near Tintern and Knighton but would love to do the entire route

landranger68   on 22/04/19 @ 8:52 said:

It is around 18 miles from Llangedla to Bodfari,but there is a Campsite & accommodation at Gweryd Lakes,used to be basic Fishermen s accommodation,but would make for a less challenging day.There was a;so Camping facilities at the Devonshire Arms,but think it has closed

Lazlo Woodbine   on 22/04/19 @ 10:36 said:

I was looking more at B & Bs and having a luggage carrier. I will be 68 when attempting this, not 28.

landranger68   on 22/04/19 @ 12:42 said:

Age is just a number,but each to his own. Gweryd Lodge has gone upmarket,but it takes several miles off a challenging day.I am 73 carry all i need to walk my Annual Macmillan Trails covering around 200 miles in two weeks,the desire to enjoy the freedom of the hills will one day fade,but the memories will remain.Go and do it and enjoy each step

gem1000   on 26/04/19 @ 22:04 said:

I will be in Kington next weekend, so if I can find out anything useful I will let you know.

Maz   on 27/04/19 @ 17:48 said:

My recent conversations with people doing Clawdd Offa / Offa's Dyke indicate that the B &B s seem to be happy to help out with luggage moving either themselves or via a local taxi firm. They arranged this as they went.

Site Admin   on 29/04/19 @ 15:10 said:

Travel light. I have passed numerous walkers on the Dyke drying underwear on the back of their packs. Spare underwear, a shirt or two and a pair of trousers don't weigh much.

Ultreia (Jo & Alan)   on 04/05/19 @ 20:40 said:

Myself, Alan and Chris 50 did it last year. Highly recommended. Give us an email if you want any advice.

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