Lazlo Woodbine   on 15/04/19 @ 15:56 said:

Swimming in the dams is not allowed. I have swum unintentionally in the Derwent. Generally most of the rivers are fairly fast flowing and shallow in this area.

suesingularity   on 16/04/19 @ 6:29 said:

Thanks Lazlo.. that sounds like a good overview. I'll try not to do any unintentional swimming ☺️

Ally & Dave   on 16/04/19 @ 11:19 said:

I live in the Hope Valley and can't think of any locally. I know it's not really 'wild swimming' but the lido at Hathersage is worth a visit. Swim with a view of Stanage edge!! Great little cafe too.

Highpeakman   on 16/04/19 @ 14:33 said:

Hi Sue, long time no see!!! 🙂 I've seen people wild swimming in the River Derwent near Calver before. They were properly attired in wet suits, and pulling wet bags behind them, so I assume they knew what they were doing.

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