Kate H   on 10/04/19 @ 18:02 said:

Many thanks Doug. Great fun....lots of happy and bizarre memories to treasure and a few close shaves with nature !

KateB    on 10/04/19 @ 22:21 said:

Huge thank you to Doug for arranging such a brilliant week. Fabulous company, glorious weather, new mountains to explore and the excitement of Gemma's packed lunches ????x

Dale   on 11/04/19 @ 7:49 said:

Well it was marvellous!! My first OD abroad walking holiday. Loads of great company, scenery, historical sights and information, meals out, swimming, yoga, walking, warm weather, talking, a bit dancing and most of all funny moments. A beautiful week with beautiful people all because Lazlo Woodbine made it happen!!

Happyfeet   on 11/04/19 @ 7:52 said:

What a great trip, adventures with scenery, furry caterpillars and the odd karaoke bar thrown in! Thanks Doug, you organised a brilliant trip with brilliant people. I want to to do it all over again, pass me the knee repair kit

Jo1   on 11/04/19 @ 8:17 said:

I can only repeat all the comments from above. A great time, thank you Doug
Here’s to the next trip ????

Lazlo Woodbine   on 11/04/19 @ 21:25 said:

A holiday is only as good as the people on it. Thankfully they are a great bunch. I thank you all for your kind words but all I do is think of where to go and then arrange it. It is you who make it work.

Glyn2   on 12/04/19 @ 22:37 said:

Great trip - great company - thank you all especially mine host of course! Here’s to the next one . . . . without Gemma’s packed lunches I hope!

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