Lazlo Woodbine   on 24/03/19 @ 20:04 said:

Great walk Glyn, great company and time to look at the beauty of the white Peak in early spring.

SueW   on 24/03/19 @ 20:31 said:

Really enjoyed today's walk, thanks Glyn x

Jo1   on 24/03/19 @ 21:10 said:

Cracking day, thank you Glyn. So enjoyed the walk, super company and lovely weather to boot! X

R1chard   on 25/03/19 @ 13:23 said:

Thanks for such a fine day out Glyn with the weekend wanderers and for all those hills you managed to avoid. 😈

M1960   on 25/03/19 @ 13:30 said:

Many thanks for leading two superb walks this weekend, Glyn %u2013 it was great to meet you too, and all the other new faces (human and canine!) Thanks to everyone for your company. 😀

Dale   on 26/03/19 @ 8:38 said:

Another lovely days walking with lovely people in lovely scenery. Sometimes Glyn, when you say %u201Cit%u2019s all downhill from here%u201D it%u2019s actually true, when you say, %u201C there%u2019s no more mud%u201D, well, errrmmmm !! But thanks anyway, I loved it all

grey_brother   on 26/03/19 @ 10:34 said:

Great weekend - thanks all.

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