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Mitch   on 14/03/19 @ 16:13 said:

Put an invitation up and let's see

M1960   on 14/03/19 @ 18:59 said:

Hi Mitch: I've always lived in Surrey and I don%u2019t know the Peak District very well. I don't have a GPS device and my navigational skills are average at best. I'd be happy to walk anywhere in the area (preferably on high ground) that suits anyone else.

Mitch   on 15/03/19 @ 5:32 said:

Now M1960 I understand and had I been in a position to help you out with this I certainly would have done as it now makes sense but unfortunately I am no where near enough to do so but hopefully somebody just might.

M1960   on 16/03/19 @ 12:11 said:

Thanks Mitch.

Lazlo Woodbine   on 17/03/19 @ 21:28 said:

I may be able to help. I know the Peak District reasonably well. What part were you considering? What sort of distance?

M1960   on 18/03/19 @ 2:43 said:

Hi Lazlo,
That would be great . Any part is fine %u2013 preferably high ground %u2013 how about Bleaklow? It's nearly 40 years since I last did battle with those bogs ! And any distance too %u2013 the further the better (within reason!)
Many thanks, Mark

Mitch   on 18/03/19 @ 3:37 said:

Lazlo "i know the Peak District reasonbly well" is that tongue in cheek or just pure modesty

Mitch   on 18/03/19 @ 5:34 said:

M1960 your in good hands

PeteK   on 18/03/19 @ 8:06 said:

Not around on Friday but I know Bleaklow well. If you're on the walk Thursday I can suggest several routes.

M1960   on 19/03/19 @ 1:10 said:

Thanks Pete . I won't be on the Thursday walk unless I know by about Tuesday lunchtime that I've definitely got someone to walk with on Friday.

Lazlo Woodbine   on 19/03/19 @ 16:23 said:

Wont be available Friday now.

M1960   on 19/03/19 @ 16:30 said:

No problem Lazlo, thanks anyway.

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