catwalker   on 10/03/19 @ 7:36 said:

Michelle, my pleasure to give on this one, knowing how much it means to you. Just fantastic that you%u2019ve managed to combine your big dream around Ian%u2019s 50th Birthday. May the climb be all you hope for and fingers crossed you raise in abundance for that much needed equipment so others can further benefit. Can%u2019t wait to hear all about it x

Gatepostgazer   on 10/03/19 @ 23:13 said:

glad to give, i very much hope both of you make it together to the summit, and watch sun rise up over mawenzi peak. i did it 17 years ago now via whisky route, brings little water to the eye being closer to above.
wish you both well

Eryri   on 11/03/19 @ 17:22 said:

Glad to give. Good luck to you both. All the best.

Glyn nav   on 11/03/19 @ 19:01 said:

Good luck Michelle and ian if anyone can make it up to the summit its you 2.look forward to seeing all the photos when your back. and see you both back on a walk. have a fantastic time enjoy it and stay safe

True Blue   on 13/03/19 @ 8:25 said:

Thank you Catherine, Gatepostgazer, Elyria and Glyn for your messages and support . We look forward to sharing our stories and pictures when we%u2019re back.

In the meantime you can track our progress once we%u2019re underway (18th - 25th) via this link:

You do have to scroll/search for the updates as it appears on the main page amongst their general trek info.

Glyn... promise to make one of your walks real soon and catch up....haven%u2019t seen you in ages. Can you make it a Saturday walk , I can%u2019t do Sunday%u2019s.

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