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iansmyname.....orisitjohn?   on 12/11/18 @ 19:13 said:

Bentravla: I couldn't agree more and we are not alone in noticing the lack of invites over the last 12 months or so. I wonder if it coincided with the merge of the other site? You know my thoughts regarding social medias part in it, but I hope people will be inspired to give an invite a go if they see other local and not so local members contributing. Fingers crossed it's just a blip

Justapussycatreally   on 12/11/18 @ 19:31 said:

Me too. I joined a year ago when there were definitely 3 pages of invites, and have put up 3 big invitations in that time. But so little going up. I agree with might be cosy and nice having local WA groups or whatever and the matiness within those subgroups is great, but if nobody is posting on the main site anymore but it will be very quickly a dead duck (and with natural wastage those subgroups will also collapse). It%u2019s why Ramblers have even putting themselves up on Meetup. It%u2019s far from perfect but as a big, out there forum it keeps the membership vibrant. Just sayin......

Elderflower   on 13/11/18 @ 14:30 said:

Totally agree! We noticed this in the South too and have conscientiously made an effort to put on a few in the last few months. Would be nice if more travelled down our way! There is an Xmas bash now on folks!

Miss T   on 13/11/18 @ 21:19 said:

I've posted quite a few invites for walks in the P.District over the last few years, at wkends & on wk-days.
I had a bad start to 2018 (hernia surgery/recovery) & with other stuff going on too, I've only posted wk-day invites this year.
As much as I enjoy posting/leading walks, I wouldn't want it to be taken for granted that I'll always be one of the 'regulars' who does so. I often get asked when am I going to start arranging weekend walks again.
The week-day wander regulars generally try to take it in turns to post invites, which is great for everyone and doesn't put pressure on just one or two folk.
The more members we have posting invites, the better

Miss T   on 14/11/18 @ 8:15 said:

I think I should add that not all people have the confidence, motivation or time to plan walks, do recces, post invites etc. Many people work all week and only have weekends free, so they like a walk ready & available to go on. I can understand that.
I'm very lucky as I don't work atm, so have more time to sort something. It's just not always easy to do when other things/life gets in the way

TC   on 14/11/18 @ 15:20 said:

I think it is always a bit quieter at this time of year. But I agree with what Miss T has said above. For some people just turning up to walk is daunting enough. I don't post many walks, mostly because I am rubbish at planning ahead, and none for my own area these days, as I don't walk when I am here (I run). Thank you to those that do post walks, I wish I could come on them more often.

NiftyFifty   on 15/11/18 @ 0:01 said:

I have some walks down here in the south I'd love to put up and do, but have been to busy with family stuff and work to do them as yet, also with the season of winter lights coming up again in January, they went down well as a group meet before, when I find dates for them I'll put up a invite if any are interested

Camino Queen   on 16/11/18 @ 19:00 said:

Hi I really value and appreciate the walks so thanks to those that lead them
I do however put recce holidays up and I know people enjoy coming together on those. ..I would love to lead walks but my map reading skills are zero...organisational skills much better..but if I could do walks and I will try in new year I'd try some shorter ones...I don't always feel I can fit in a twelve mile walk so would people be interested in a five to six miler with a coffee stop and pub after?
I think some OD folk join other groups too so they get the choices.
I wanted to do your cycle ride Bent ravia so sorry you didn't get any takers and I think it is time of year..

Camino Queen   on 16/11/18 @ 19:06 said:

Cont. ..OD to me has been great for building walking friendships and whilst some just join and email people for dates without walking..I think most do join the invites at some point or they drop off.
But I think we need to encourage others and ourselves to have a go to put up invites. .however any one new it's best for people to get to know you first before wandering off into the woods with someone..that is common sense.
Also lots more to do outdoors than walking and I love to run and cycle so also be good to open doors to other safe activities.
New year 2019 resolution..learn to read a map and not use GPS ha ha

landranger68   on 17/11/18 @ 8:41 said:

The main problem,is that i live on the fringe with usually 11/2 - 2 hours drive each way,9:30-101:00 starts just out of reach.I have posted locally ,but little or no interest,so i walk them alone,thinking what they are missing, with Flora and Fauna of Cannock Chase

Cathy (and David )   on 19/11/18 @ 17:17 said:

So this makes me feel a little guilty. I (Cathy) used to post walks, but now I'm living happily with David we tend to do our own thing a lot. Note to self- be more sociable. But our walks tend to be rather fast and challenging and in winter involve crampons. So be prepared!

Miss T   on 20/11/18 @ 7:44 said:

I apologise if my comments have made anyone feel guilty about not arranging walks. That wasn't my intention.
I myself often lack confidence, motivation and time to do so, so I understand how it is

Camino Queen   on 20/11/18 @ 11:31 said:

Miss T..your comments shouldn't offend anyone and I never gave it a thought..the joys of text and email.
You work so hard and offer wonderful walks as do many others...I would get everyone lost and it's not only about the route it's checking everyone is ok.
Well done to you and everyone..I think it inspired rather than offended....

Walking On   on 20/11/18 @ 11:49 said:

Miss T, you have been one of the best here! I've not led any recently with OD because I'm limited in distance by knee problems until I get replacements. Not sure how much interest there would be in shorter (say 6ish mile) walks around the Peak. Guess i should put one up and see...

Blue John   on 20/11/18 @ 13:08 said:

I too have had some joint & stamina issues over the last 12 months so have not been able to do the Peak District walks I love so have concentrated on more lower level stuff. I retired at the end of July so hope to put together a couple of invites for next year once we have the longer days back. I see all the invites posted but wish I had the stamina & strength to do more

Jill18   on 20/11/18 @ 19:42 said:

Same here John....Im so grateful of people leading walks....but sometimes wish they were a little shorter...14 miles sometimes too much for my bad foot !

Lazlo Woodbine   on 20/11/18 @ 19:59 said:

I live an hour to an hour and a half drive from most of the Peak District walks. Whereas a shorter walk would be good sometimes it would mean I am spending not much more time walking than driving. If people put on shorter walks maybe combining it with some other event could be the answer. For example I go walking once a week with some mates and we always meet at a caf? or Wetherspoons for a gut buster breakfast. Then a walk of 7 or 8 miles, no need to carry lunch, and then finish at a pub. Lots of craik on the way and put the world to rights. even though they all Brexiters.

Glyn nav   on 21/11/18 @ 7:41 said:

i get people s point about shorter walks especially in the winter months. but i know a lot of people wont come for less than ten miles to.

Walking On   on 21/11/18 @ 10:02 said:

Yes Glyn, that's my impression, and why I haven't put any up for a while. I can understand it - I won't drive far for a short walk, as Doug says it isn't worth it.
I also walk with another group who do a 5-8 miler every Thursday, so I do most of those plus a weekend walk or cycle.
I'll see how the 7 mile Wednesday one goes, maybe do more for those who are local.

Camino Queen   on 21/11/18 @ 13:24 said:

Hi Glyn your walk are Brill and HPM and Tract plus all the other lon distances. .but I'd love to meet for brekkie, my favourite meal and then walk light for say three hours ...then a glass before home
I know lots more folk who'd join OD for that.
So Walking On and Blue John yes please and I'm promising a roaches walk when I move to leek..start at lively cafe below..not cheap but yummy

Camino Queen   on 21/11/18 @ 13:25 said:

Sorry Tracy alias Miss T..this predictive text...

Walking On   on 21/11/18 @ 14:06 said:

OK Di, I was intending to get a coffee at Insomnia before the walk on Nov 28, so maybe others will pop in too. Not the cheapest, and don't expect a full breakfast there, but it will start the walk off.
That cafe at the Roaches is quite nice, look forward to your walk!

Lazlo Woodbine   on 21/11/18 @ 16:00 said:

Breakfast places I have visited in the Peaks: Wetherspoons Matlock, Moorlands Owler Bar, Yonderman Wardlow Mires, Masarellas, Peak Shopping Rowsley (a bit expensive), Byways Tearooms Bakewell plus the snack cabin on the A57 near Ladybower (not that good). A few more to check out but the one in Calver doesn't do Full English breakfasts.

Walking On   on 21/11/18 @ 18:15 said:

" the one in Calver doesn't do Full English breakfasts"
that's what I just told you above Doug!!!

Lazlo Woodbine   on 21/11/18 @ 19:22 said:

I know as I tried it before, the Blacksmiths caf? at Monyash does a good breakfast as does the Station caf? at Grindleford and the Pool caf? in Hathersage.

TC   on 22/11/18 @ 19:19 said:

Forget the walking, let's just meet up for breakfasts

Maz   on 23/11/18 @ 22:14 said:

Or cake?????

Bea ( Pebbles)   on 27/11/18 @ 20:27 said:

Looking forward to more walking soon... And meeting up with you all...

I have been out of action for most of this haven't been on the OD site for a while...
I hope the spirit of this site will continue

Tinks   on 27/11/18 @ 21:03 said:


Tinks   on 27/11/18 @ 21:15 said:

Whoops I have also been absent from OD for nearly 4 years apart from the odd walk....I am happy to say that I am now in a much better place and will be returning in January 2019 to hopefully loose weight and regain my fitness.... Havin booked a weekend walking.I appreciate everyone who has put up invites because I know that I would not be able to do this without someone guiding me down the path.I also hope that the spirit of the OD site will continue for many years to come.Looking forward to seeing you lovely ODers very soon

Miss T   on 28/11/18 @ 9:22 said:

Tinks: Looking forward to you joining us in the New Year! Stay positive!

Tinks   on 29/11/18 @ 14:39 said:

Bentravla: That is good to know and maybe one day I will take you up on your offer....who knows maybe even in 2019
Miss T: Thank you Tracey always good to hear from you xx

iansmyname.....orisitjohn?   on 29/11/18 @ 21:54 said:

Bentravla: Your thread has generated a lot good comments. Since you put it on. There seems to have been an increase in invites. Good show everyone. Let's keep the invites going and if you are new to it. Don't be afraid to ask how. We are all here to help each other out.

Bea ( Pebbles)   on 01/12/18 @ 10:59 said:

Tinks it's been a while. Looking forward seeing you out there...on one of our walks

I am very greatful of all the hard work it goes into it, prior putting an invite up. Love our OD gang the sprit and bannter and cheerful faces.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge of your " local" walking grounds and experience .....even if an reccy's and additional boot miles... I am gladly plod on's and adventure xx

P's The invites are not as plentiful as there were years ago.(More Meet up groups fb groups available)...but I can't really complain as I think I should may be put one up here in Yorkshire of some of our well trodden pathes..where even I can't lose my flog

Bea ( Pebbles)   on 01/12/18 @ 11:08 said:

For all school teachers out there and the Grammar police...
I am apologising for any mistakes

MountainGirlSarah   on 06/12/18 @ 23:05 said:

Hi, interesting thread.
I thought I'd get in early and pop my three invites in before the end of the year....also dipped in and out and dipped back in last summer - had the best weekend ever on Ridgewalker's Snowdonia weekend, helped by fab weather...
Happy to do day walks or weekends and pretty good at organising too!
Route leaders would be great to have along, but competent with map and compass! Check out December and Feb invites.

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