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Hill and Dale (Helen)   on 20/10/18 @ 19:55 said:

Thanks for today. Enjoyed getting to know a beautiful part of the Peak District.

Rick and Viv's Adventures   on 20/10/18 @ 20:01 said:

Thank you Geoff and Kate for a fantastic walk through Lathkill Dale starting from the village of Monyash, it was lovely to see you both and all the other OD gang we haven't seen for a long while.
Viv, myself and Viv's dad Brian thoroughly enjoyed your walk on a very lovely autumn day and well done for getting all 27 of us back safely

Jill18   on 20/10/18 @ 20:06 said:

Fantastic walk...thanks Kate and Geoff for bringing the gang together....and hope the new members enjoyed the fun and friendship x

DebbieJ   on 21/10/18 @ 7:04 said:

Thanks Geoff and Kate, what a beautiful walk/day.
So many lovely friends to catch-up with, and always nice to make some new ones x

ruth   on 21/10/18 @ 8:41 said:

Thanks great to catch up with old friends and make new ones, lovely day x

Miss T   on 21/10/18 @ 9:27 said:

Lovely walk, thanks Kate & Geoff
Really nice to see folk who I hadn't seen for a while too.

KateB    on 21/10/18 @ 9:27 said:

Thank you all for joining us and bringing the sunshine with you. So lovely to see so many friends and make new ones x

Ultreia (Jo & Alan)   on 21/10/18 @ 11:54 said:

Thank you both for a great walk. By the way national hug day started in 1986 and is celebrated on the 21st January. We don't need 21st January is always nice to hug you all xx

Camino Queen   on 21/10/18 @ 15:48 said:

Hi thanks Kate and Geoff for lovely walk. Yes great meet old and new wow the weather.

SueW   on 21/10/18 @ 17:07 said:

Thanks Kate & Geoff for a great walk & we were so lucky with the weather. Super to meet up with everyone too x

R1chard   on 21/10/18 @ 18:35 said:

Thanks Kate and Geoff for a such a monster OD meetup with a few twists and turns that I hadn't done before.

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