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Dale   on 16/07/18 @ 8:55 said:

I agree. It was a good collection of people in a stunning location. Thank you particularly to Torb for the rock climbing on Tryfan Bach. I really really loved it. There was good mingling around the tables in the YH and pub .. you know, the one with the traction engine Fgiles. looking forward to a return visit to Snowdonia asap

trekkie  on 16/07/18 @ 9:13 said:

Thanks to ALL.
Paul for the concept and putting a stake in the ground to make it happen. For me Thanks to Jane and her calm organisation and of course to all for their company and humour, and of course the 'feeders' and their contributions of cake.

Dale   on 16/07/18 @ 9:23 said:

Haha..... you are very welcome Trekkie x

Glyn2   on 16/07/18 @ 10:21 said:

I saw Paul Sunday night when I went for a doggy walk to the lake - he was telling me what a great weekend you%u2019d all had - he was a tired but happy man! Sorry I missed you all

Ridgewalker Moved unpacking   on 16/07/18 @ 11:07 said:

Thank you all for supporting this and to Jane for giving alternative scrambles for those that needed to chill on gentler routes while us others continued with are extreme moments of interaction with the rocks and annoying drones, also to Torb and Rich for there assistance in the mist, Jez and Karen for the climbing tips and rope skills, got to use my virgin rope and belay. and belayed as well. - Splendid 5 days of great fun and adventure mingling with you all.

See you next year for CIESLW 2019

mirador   on 16/07/18 @ 11:55 said:

Only made it for two days but what a weekend - sunshine, fantastic routes with lots of rocks and, as always, terrific company. Thanks for inspiring this Paul and a big thank you to Jane for shepherding the less experienced of us around such fabulous routes - so much fun!

mountainsnmusic   on 16/07/18 @ 17:50 said:

Yes thanks for the inspiration to get back there Paul and tackle Tryfan's North Ridge Jane. Sorry I buggered off with family and friends and prioritised Bochlwyd and Idwal lake swimming over mountain climbing but we don't usually get the temperatures to indulge in outdoor swims so gloriously comfortably in this country do we?

mountainsnmusic   on 16/07/18 @ 17:51 said:

And God Yes that bloody drone...

Jo J   on 16/07/18 @ 21:18 said:

Fab times indeedy, a special place, looked after with laughter and care - good folk, good times, thank you!

Louise - living life   on 16/07/18 @ 21:24 said:

sounds like I missed a great weekend but ended up in the Gower - hopefully next time

Bigfoot   on 16/07/18 @ 22:21 said:

I had a great weekend, big thanks to Paul for putting up the invite, and thanks to Jez and climbing crew for the introdution to rock climbing and accomodation, I just may be smitten.
It was great to catch up with old freinds and hopefuly made some new ones.
Roll on the next one....Billy

MountainGirlSarah   on 16/07/18 @ 23:01 said:

Yeah, fab weekend - thanks again to all, in particular to John for making the PMC/WMC hut available (very cosy), to Jez, Rich, Caron for their patience in bringing along a fairly novice climber, and for Claire for her company!
All the others for their company on Friday and Sunday!

Stephen   on 17/07/18 @ 11:43 said:

Big thank you to Paul for putting up this invite - I had a great time. Hope we can do it again next year. Thanks also to torb and Rich for technical assistance!!!

trekkie  on 17/07/18 @ 12:54 said:

Just a thought... does anybody have the stats for Saurdays jaunt with Jane please?
Thanks in anticipation.

Indiana Jane   on 17/07/18 @ 13:30 said:

trekkie: You will certainly have to rely on someone else for the stats as I don't do that sort of thing. A fairly short distance but a big day with lots of up and down is about the best I can do.
Thanks to everyone for coming along and being safe and sensible.

Maz   on 17/07/18 @ 16:51 said:

Ditto to all the above comments. Had a great weekend scrambling, laughing and enjoying the mountains with you guys. Roll on the next one.

Ridgewalker Moved unpacking   on 17/07/18 @ 23:18 said:

The next years invite is up and live %uD83D%uDE0E%uD83D%uDE0E%uD83D%uDE0E

M1960   on 19/07/18 @ 0:30 said:

Some lovely photos - it's great that the weather was kind, and I wish I could have joined you (on the grade-1 routes that is!!)

jen1   on 19/07/18 @ 17:37 said:

Lovely weekend Paul- thank you - such a great valley/ destination with superb mountains on the doorstep.
Also thank you to Torb and Jane.

chrissy100   on 29/07/18 @ 17:36 said:

Great weekend. Must stay longer next time. Wonderful idea Paul. Thanks Jane for a cracking day out on tryfan.

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