liveit   on 08/07/18 @ 15:33 said:

Hi Penny
As you know, I know the area well. Just back from Larvin a few days ago. You and Tommy will be fine going up there, but I would recomend ascending via Mam Barrisdale "path" and hooking right at the top. Rather than Trying a direct scramble straight up from Barrisdale bay area. The bracken is very high there already and can be hard to pre-emp your footing. PM me if you need further info. Cheers G

womble   on 08/07/18 @ 15:56 said:

liveit: Hey Garry, don't know why I didn't think of you in the first place! Will pm you P

Maz   on 11/07/18 @ 22:29 said:

I don't remember any difficulties when we did it in May a couple of years back. Sure it gets narrow in places but nothing too drastic. Choose a nice day ha ha and you should have great day out. My favourite of the Knoydart three.

womble   on 12/07/18 @ 21:07 said:

Maz: Thanks Maz, Not so much worried about the ridge, more the ascent scramble with dog in tow. Will probably take liveit's advice and go up from Mam Barrisdale, though I've heard that it's a steep slog!

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