Carpe Diem!   on 11/06/18 @ 8:19 said:

I remember you telling me all about this Barbara ... doesn't time fly! Loads of luck to you and have a magical adventure

mirador   on 11/06/18 @ 11:35 said:

Have a great trip - hope the weather gods are kind for you!

Ally & Dave   on 11/06/18 @ 14:11 said:

What an amazing adventure. Good luck, enjoy the ride x

Maz   on 11/06/18 @ 15:31 said:

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy Barbara. Will look forward to hearing all about it. Can't make Liverpool that Saturday unfortunately but have fun and don't fall in. x

Bigfoot   on 12/07/18 @ 2:26 said:

update, Barbra has done the NY to Londonderry leg over 3.5K miles 22 days at sea, they have a week in Londonderry then have one more leg to Liverpool starting 22nd July to finish on 28th currently in first place....

Bigfoot   on 12/07/18 @ 2:31 said:

Ps she is on the boat called Visit Seattle.

Jill18   on 12/07/18 @ 14:44 said:

Oh my goodness what an amazing adventure...fantastic....stay safe and look forward to some pics xx

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