JohnH   on 11/11/21 @ 20:48 said:

Count me in for winter walking and possibly mountain biking providing it's tracks and trails and not the kind thjat you need all the protective gear.
Also, I've been thinking about trying to organise some walks in the Borders and possibly the North Lakes, so lets see if we get anymore interest.
You can also see my invitation for a week on Arran in the spring. Cheers, John.

diverunski   on 06/12/21 @ 18:57 said:

Ha ha what I mean is crazy fast steep downhill mountain biking. I like greens and blues downhill on a bike (too much pointy stuff if you come off). Prefer faster stuff on a pair of skis or a horse :)

milvus   on 09/12/21 @ 22:25 said:

Hi, I'm in north Cumbria so might be interested in some winter walking come next year when I have more time 😊

Spr46   on 27/12/21 @ 23:30 said:

Hi all. I’ve just joined the site. I live in Central Scotland and would be interested in winter walking and MTB being organised.

JohnH   on 28/12/21 @ 18:10 said:

I'm still interested, so I'll look out for an invitation

Philtheetiler   on 28/12/21 @ 20:01 said:

Links not working correctly.
Click on Ally & Dave link for -- Torrieson forest Elgin Moray photo and Dave Bradford photo appears Cornwall from 2010 .

Philtheetiler   on 28/12/21 @ 20:05 said:

Oops, wrong thread. 🤔

JohnH   on 28/12/21 @ 22:00 said:

Hi Jo,
I've talked to a few members who are interested in some day walks in either the north Lakes or the Scottish Borders.
Hart Fell could be a good starter.
However we'll need to see how Omicron restrictions pan out in the new year.

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