Lazlo Woodbine   on 12/08/21 @ 22:13 said:


Ally & Dave   on 14/08/21 @ 13:16 said:


barbp-j   on 17/08/21 @ 17:47 said:


Philtheetiler   on 20/08/21 @ 20:39 said:


Walking On   on 21/08/21 @ 18:02 said:

It's a difficult decision.... we (especially the oldies, of which I am one) have got very used to keeping ourselves to ourselves over the past year and a half, but at some point we shall have to mingle again. This is already happening with the young in cities, and the infection numbers keep rising. Nowhere near as many hospital cases as the last wave, but still not insignificant.
What to do? this short article poses the question:

Bea (Pebbles)   on 01/09/21 @ 21:21 said:

yes.....but need be more "spaced out" 😂

JohnH   on 25/11/21 @ 14:04 said:

Probably no, for a yes it would need to be very spaced out with a limited number of occupants, I haven't had covid yet and I don't intend to get it !!!

loulou33327   on 25/11/21 @ 23:24 said:

Life goes on.
Nothing healthier than socialising, being outdoors and active.

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