ruth   on 10/09/19 @ 20:55 said:

Hi Minty, how are you

DebbieJ   on 10/09/19 @ 23:53 said:

Hi Mints... welcome back.
Will be great to catch up over a pint of Guinness.... hmmm I'm sure I got the last round in!

minty    on 11/09/19 @ 7:40 said:

hi Ruth Debbie J yes it would be lovely to catch up and have a laugh. Yes I am very well. I have been looking and seeing what you lot of been doing. Photographs have been brilliant and antics you got up to makes me chuckle. The Spirit of OD Family still there. Hopefully catch up with everyone in the coming months. Take care minty😍😍😍

trekkie  on 12/09/19 @ 8:53 said:

Hi Larry, How are things?
Quite some time since I last saw you.

Maybe see you soon if you ever come up Nrth to the Dark side...

Bigfoot   on 12/09/19 @ 17:38 said:

Welcome back to the fold Minty, hope to see you out and about soon.

Jill18   on 12/09/19 @ 19:39 said:

Yey..welcome back Larry.....look forward to catching up next weekend x

JW   on 13/09/19 @ 16:33 said:

Hi Mate....nice to hear from you, hope all is good.

Philtheetiler   on 10/01/20 @ 19:22 said:

Happy New Decade. Larry

landranger68   on 12/01/20 @ 9:45 said:

Hi Minty,just keep on rolling along,with a Wagon full of Beer Casks

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