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RuthieA   on 07/02/19 @ 23:25 said:

What do the washing instructions say??
I have a mountain equipment down jacket and hand wash mine using nikwax, wrap it in a towel to soak excess moisture then dry flat. Like new each time.

Rachael 234   on 08/02/19 @ 7:36 said:

Hi Ruth, basically to wash using g NikWax down wash but they recommend cleaning by Rab. They would wouldn't they! Just seeking some reassurance really. I think I'll try NikWax if you're happy.

RuthieA   on 08/02/19 @ 10:14 said:

I would definitely not wash it in the machine.

Rachael 234   on 09/02/19 @ 22:45 said:

Sorry but what is DWR?

M1960   on 09/02/19 @ 22:54 said:

DWR = durable water repellent

M1960   on 09/02/19 @ 23:21 said:

Incidentally, dwr (with a circumflex accent over the 'w') means water in Welsh!

keith2015   on 10/02/19 @ 17:29 said:

Can't remember what I used a few years ago when I wanted to wash my down jacket and trousers but I think it was a Nikwax product. (You can always ask in an Outdoors shop.) I think I washed by hand in the bath but may have used a quick and gentle wash in the machine. Whichever it was it worked a treat though. (Both garments looked AND SMELLED so good afterwards) You definitely don't need to send your jacket back to the manufacturer for cleaning!

inbedswithtony   on 12/02/19 @ 11:06 said:

Generally don't clean it unless it is muddy. The down tends to clump together after washing, eliminating the warm air capture, and making it less effective. I believe a slow tumble dry is recommended on low heat to prevent the clumping. Do lots of research before attempting is my view and I simply never bother even with sleeping bags, that's why I have a liner so I can wash that.

trekkie  on 12/02/19 @ 11:44 said:

Hello Rachel,
I have washed many down items over the years.
If done carefully and properly it rejuvenates the item.

Special care has to be taken when there is a lot of down because it gets heavy and puts a great deal of strain on fabrics and seams.
I usually soak items in the bath with down wash and warm, not hot water.
If there are heavily soiled parts such as neck and cuffs on jackets then I use neat down wash and rub it in carefully.

trekkie  on 12/02/19 @ 11:52 said:

I carefully move the item around to get the down wash all the way through. Once I am satisfied that liquid is all the way through I gently lift and squeeze out excess water lifting the item into a bucket or large washing bowl.
Then into the washing machine with as much of water and down wash rescued and poured in. An appropriate program, without a high temperature (30 or 40 depending on what your item says) and low or no spin. I do sometimes remove the items with lots of down and remove excess water by hand before putting back in the machine for a 400 spin.

trekkie  on 12/02/19 @ 11:57 said:

some washing machines have load sensing and build up the speed gradually which works quite well.

the washing is fairly easy, drying can take more effort.

I always leave to drip first. Sleeping bags are put horizontal on a washing lime rather than hanging down.
I check after a while and squeeze the water that has collected on the lower edges.
Once the liquid is out it goes in the dryer, low heat setting.
I keep checking and fluffing up.
really important to do this, but done well it really will be as good as when it was filled in the factory.

trekkie  on 12/02/19 @ 12:02 said:

Proofing down.
Some items need Down Proof to add water repellancy.
If this is required I remove from the machine after washing (Before drying) and soak the item in Down Proof, occasionally moving it to ensure the proofer is evenly distributed.
Then back in the washer and repeat as per the washing and drying cycle above.
I use a similar system for Waterproof items, always soaking them first because otherwise the water and products dont penetrate properly.

Hope that gives you some food for thought.
Nothing worse than smelly down..

Maz   on 15/02/19 @ 20:20 said:

I just sent my down sleeping bag away to be cleaned! Guess that makes me lazy but it was so easy.

trekkie  on 15/02/19 @ 21:28 said:

Maz. Probably for the best.
Just remind me again..
How does one burn a boiled egg?%uD83D%uDE26

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