Lazlo Woodbine   on 26/09/18 @ 22:46 said:

Thought by the title you were putting a rather ambitious walk up. I know someone who did this, he ran up Pendle every morning to train for it but when he arrived he had terrible altitude sickness so spent a most of it in bed. He said it was still a worthwhile experience though.

ruth   on 27/09/18 @ 7:23 said:

Not to base camp but did a trek to Tengboche a number of years ago.A amazing experience I will never forget, the flight into Lukla airport was very interesting. Enjoy

Maz   on 27/09/18 @ 19:03 said:

Yes I did a 4 week trip in a small group about 6 years ago where we did a couple of high passes over 5000m Renjo La and Cho La as well as Gokyo before going up to Gorak Shep. That's the place you stay before/ after doing Base Camp and Kala Patar. I must admit we had been at high altitude for a long time by then and were pretty knackered but it was still amazing.
Easter time so Base Camp was full with teams attempting the summit so interesting to chat to them. Our guide knew Kenton Cool so I nearly swallowed my tongue when introduced to him.
Nepal is an amazing country so don't rush your trip, we saw too many ill people on our way out who had not acclimatised and were suffering badly. :

Croyde   on 29/09/18 @ 9:29 said:

Maz: thanks Maz I was looking at cho la and Tokyo. Did you use a guide ?

Croyde   on 29/09/18 @ 9:29 said:

Croyde: that was meant to read Gokyo

Maz   on 30/09/18 @ 18:13 said:

Yes, we did have a guide. It was a private group but she also guides for KE sometimes. Means we went off the beaten track, stayed and ate with the locals when possible lower down.

Well and Truly   on 09/10/18 @ 13:07 said:

Croyde: I completed the trek about 8 years ago using 'Explore'
Great adventure, generally not too long or hard a trek, it's just the altitude that makes the difference and how your body copes with it.

Croyde   on 09/10/18 @ 23:11 said:

Cheers folks for the info so looking forward Jo my trip x

Bean   on 11/10/18 @ 23:08 said:

Walked for about 12 days partially the Annapurna circle last year. We had a guide, who looked after us very well checking O2 levels every night for example. Very fond memories and enjoyed it a lot. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. We were all lucky and no one suffered with altitude sickness although when we approached the 5000m level I have to say I did struggle a little, but all went well. Good luck

Croyde   on 13/10/18 @ 9:22 said:

Cheers bean I can't wait. If I do the cho la I will get a guide and a porter for safety

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