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What has OutdoorDuo done for me?

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I have met someone

Hi team Outdoor Duo. I'd like to thank this site for the opportunity to meet and make new friends. Also to meet someone new. Carry on the good work.

Great site, a refreshing change.
I love mountains 

I have found someone.

Found someone special

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What has Outdoor Duo done for me ...

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I have met someone
Zippy  05/08/17 03:17

Hi team Outdoor Duo. I'd like to thank this site for the opportunity to meet and make new friends. Also to meet someone new. Carry on the good work.
Stravage  04/08/17 03:16

Great site, a refreshing change.
I love mountains  31/07/17 11:39

I have found someone.
Jayelle  25/07/17 00:00

Found someone special
mikecr1967  23/07/17 00:00

I have been in a relationship for 2 years now with someone that I met through the site! It is a great site, so thank you for the friends that I have made and the great times that I have had as a result of it.
jem1000  07/07/17 10:55

Hi Steve. Thanks for letting me have a reasonable experience at an affordable price. I have been very fortunate to have found a really lovely man!
Grand Western  29/06/17 10:56

Thanks, you have a great site and it helped me find what I was looking for within a short time. Best wishes and keep up the good work.
climbikeski  25/06/17 11:02

Met someone gorgeous- on here Thanks
Sandi  05/06/17 11:18

I have only been on this site for 3 wks & I have met some lovely people. I have met someone really special. It is a great way to meet like minded souls.
JKK123  22/05/17 10:55

I met someone amazing within 2 hours of signing upto this site- thank you. Amazing site for like minded people!
M44NorthWales  21/05/17 10:56

Hi guys, it was a pleasure to be here. Great website with good programmes with nice people. I have found my partner. All the best, Judit
Gazelle  09/05/17 10:56

made a great friend
joey  22/02/17 10:59

Have found a partner
Crux climbing   22/02/17 10:59

Hi SteveThanks for all your support. I've found my partner, so am cancelling my membership.Mike
MichaelW  14/02/17 11:00

For me, the site was excellent. Within a week of subscribing, I found a new soulmate. Very happy!
Richard W  16/01/17 01:59

I appear to have met someone from this site & we are getting to know each other!Many thanks,Marie
ClimberMarie  08/12/16 10:19

I recently met a lovely woman through OD with whom I share many interests and an outlook on life. Great site, keep it going!
MagicFeet   28/11/16 02:02

Have met someone through the site.
Penny17  24/11/16 10:26

Been great since joining the site a year ago. So pleased to say that life has moved on for me, having met a partner through OD who I now share my life with ...Thank you OD and happy hiking
beardp  24/11/16 10:23

Lisbon - Morocco just a few of the adventures to share with like minded souls while meeting new friends on each OD trip - Splendid Journeys
Ridgewalker    13/10/16 16:03

Given me kind friends who make me laugh, kept me fitter than I would have otherwise been, and collectively healed my broken heart.
Heathervalley    23/09/16 19:52

Well there's the aquaduct.
Lazlo Woodbine    22/09/16 10:44

Two Towers Ridge and the Secrets of Snowdon - yes i am up for that one
Ridgewalker    03/09/16 21:57

This week end's circular walk - cycle has been mainly around Claerwen Res Elan valley ..stunning area ..
Ridgewalker    03/09/16 21:46

In the Ruthin region for MTB event weekend of 11th Sept then free to explore Snowdonia scramble walks adventures for a week, Smile and meet.
Ridgewalker    01/09/16 15:06

A Woman of substance appears to be on the horizon not sure if she is looking my way
Ridgewalker    30/08/16 18:56

Insight to the chances of finding that soulful Scrambling partner that can share the adventures and passion of life
Ridgewalker    26/08/16 15:37

It is a great site for meeting likeminded outdoorsy types.I have met someone now so will be saying googbye
fuzznut (Martin)  06/07/16 02:39

This is a fantastic site! I have only been a member for four months but have enjoyed many walks and made some great new friends.
Wysiwyg     13/06/16 20:02

pretty good site, nice and clear and felt safe.
wildboots  04/05/16 02:41

Thanks this is a unique site for truly like minded and lovely people. I have met someone just by some going on some of the suggested walks here.ThanksAnup
Seven-up  10/04/16 10:25

its a great site i have found someone who also likes walking
saveryan  28/03/16 10:24

I found a great new partner via this site - very pleased.
Paul D  01/02/16 10:17

I've enjoyed the experience. I'm recommending you to my friendsThanks
Cake walk  09/01/16 10:15

I have met someone on outdoor duo thanks for an excellent site.
Dab68  04/01/16 10:14

Have found tne one
elm  21/12/15 10:12

After 48 hours on your site I met an amazing man who is just right for me. Thank you.
Anna in the Peaks  26/11/15 10:11

you helped me find what I was looking for !thanks very much !
gsmith  23/11/15 10:44

Hi, your site is great & I've found somebody. Thank you
Catjat  22/11/15 10:44

It's just inspiring to be part of all this. So many precious, funny, uplifting and awe-generating moments. Thanks for your creation Steve
Carpe Diem!    21/11/15 10:30

Ps..On an snowy walk on the NW hills, her reaction with ice axe & hand, saved my life. I'd thank her publicly, but she's a private person.
Jack   24/10/15 10:45

I've met the kindest lady.She's had a rough time but is optimistic,warmhearted with a cracking soh.Her smile/beauty have enriched my life.
Jack   24/10/15 10:42

I have found the perfect gentleman : )
Angel of the NE  09/09/15 04:51

I have found someone thank you very much!
iCrum  08/09/15 04:50

Hi loved this site and had fun meeting people ive now been seeing someone from this site for a few months and things are going good...its great to meet someone who shares a love for the outdoors!thank you so much. I highly recommend the site!
tiger11  30/08/15 04:48

I was two weeks ago in Cornwal walking the south coathpath. Next time...who likes to walk with me and shelter with a cup of tea, Ron
Ron Baloe   20/08/15 21:54

Very happy with this site thank you, taking a break may be back but I hope not as I have met someone very nice!
Outdoorgirl4  14/08/15 04:47

Be patient, keep walking, keep meeting people through the site. It took a year, but I have found someone very lovely. Thanks Outdoor Duo
Marney   23/07/15 16:58

I have met someone thank you
andy1983  26/06/15 10:28

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