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What has OutdoorDuo done for me?

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Great site, for finding outdoor people, have met my soulmate, thank you

Hi, It's a great site and works well I have met someone indirectly as a result Cheers

I had email conversations with a few guys and all seemed lovely. I met up with someone from the site and have started seeing him and am very hopeful that I won't be needing Outdoor Duo again!

Found someone fab on Outdoor Duo!!Best £5 I’ve ever spent

Great site. Met someone very special. Thanks for your help.

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What has Outdoor Duo done for me ...

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Have found tne one
elm  21/12/15 10:12

After 48 hours on your site I met an amazing man who is just right for me. Thank you.
Anna in the Peaks  26/11/15 10:11

you helped me find what I was looking for !thanks very much !
gsmith  23/11/15 10:44

Hi, your site is great & I've found somebody. Thank you
Catjat  22/11/15 10:44

It's just inspiring to be part of all this. So many precious, funny, uplifting and awe-generating moments. Thanks for your creation Steve
Carpe Diem!    21/11/15 10:30

Ps..On an snowy walk on the NW hills, her reaction with ice axe & hand, saved my life. I'd thank her publicly, but she's a private person.
Jack   24/10/15 10:45

I've met the kindest lady.She's had a rough time but is optimistic,warmhearted with a cracking soh.Her smile/beauty have enriched my life.
Jack   24/10/15 10:42

I have found the perfect gentleman : )
Angel of the NE  09/09/15 04:51

I have found someone thank you very much!
iCrum  08/09/15 04:50

Hi loved this site and had fun meeting people ive now been seeing someone from this site for a few months and things are going good...its great to meet someone who shares a love for the outdoors!thank you so much. I highly recommend the site!
tiger11  30/08/15 04:48

I was two weeks ago in Cornwal walking the south coathpath. Next time...who likes to walk with me and shelter with a cup of tea, Ron
Ron Baloe   20/08/15 21:54

Very happy with this site thank you, taking a break may be back but I hope not as I have met someone very nice!
Outdoorgirl4  14/08/15 04:47

Be patient, keep walking, keep meeting people through the site. It took a year, but I have found someone very lovely. Thanks Outdoor Duo
Marney   23/07/15 16:58

I have met someone thank you
andy1983  26/06/15 10:28

Found a lovely guy now, a good site to bring people together with the same interests thanks
smile   20/05/15 09:00

Have found what I am looking for !!I am not a big internet user, so have never devoted any time to using your web site to its full potential, but it al looks good & will recommend to other should the need arise.Thankyou.
Girl with Altitude  19/05/15 09:01

yes met someone
Dom60  11/05/15 09:16

It has introduced me to areas of the UK that I might not otherwise have seen and good people too.
Sparkle   28/04/15 16:28

KateB is the girl of my dreams. I am sure there is someone for everybody out there.
Daveb99   22/04/15 23:14

I have found my ideal partner and also sustained a knee injury which is preventing me partaking in a lot of outdoor activities. I have made some excellent friends through Outdoor Duo and am very happy to have been a member. Thank you
Nidderdale lass  02/03/15 10:40

found my walking partner, will mention your site to other friends
Alexandros  20/02/15 01:05

Found what I'm looking for! Thanks!
Lauren Darch  21/01/15 09:07

found somebody. Many thanks.
Lakes and Mountains  30/12/14 07:28

Great site. Found my boyfriend within days. Now planning to marry.
soniamack  14/12/14 07:27

I have found someone thank you very much
Walkaboutt  01/12/14 07:26

I have found someone who enjoys walking in the same area
lone_walker  30/11/14 07:26

Outdoor Duo has given me several days walking with a friendly group of people, some the same, some new. Also chat on the website.
colinjoseph    27/11/14 09:09

Thank you for such a great site! I have met my soulmate and even though we live 100 miles apart we have loads in common and are going to make a go of it! Your site has given me the chance to change my life for the better!
PeggySue  24/11/14 12:17

I've found someone! Thanks for a great site Grham
Mountainstomper  21/11/14 12:16

I have met and made some amazing friendships here since joining on Easter 2013. My partner and I met last year and dating for one year now!
MadNad    27/10/14 20:19

I have now found someone. Thanks a brilliant site.
rickismobile  26/10/14 11:34

great site, within a couple of a weeks i met a great lady who i am now seeing!!
Andy  22/09/14 11:58

I found someone on here, going to give it a go. Thanks!
Becky  19/09/14 11:56

I have met my perfect partner on the site. I am looking forward to our future together and am blissfully happy.
Aurora  09/09/14 11:39

A great way of finding people with similar interests. I've met someone and so far, so good.
Paul 214  05/08/14 11:43

Thank you for a nicely done website and service. Indeed, I am leaving now because I have found someone.
Adventure Beckons  23/01/14 03:16

Found a walking buddy who has turned out to be a very special guy who I never though I would meet - thank you!
Peatbog Fairy  23/01/14 02:56

Was genuinely only looking for a hiking buddy but seem to have found a soulmate, lover, best friend and mad hiking partner too - quite literally the best £5 I'll ever spend. Thanks OD for a fantastic future...
dewnansek  23/01/14 02:53

Fabulous site I have met a wonderful lady just hope the friendship develops into more.
Norman    17/11/13 13:19

Fab site.Met loads of lovely people and had some fab trips and also met a great guy.Thanks OD.
Ally & Dave    22/06/13 23:50

Joining OD has certainly changed my life and have met some fantastic people which I can certainly say have become very good friends..
Rick and Viv's Adventures    17/06/13 12:07

Awsum site! Ive heard the words,trust, love,safe all meant in their emotional context. Said by strangers to strangers who've become a family
Hamishny Mcbunnie   03/01/13 12:44

Fantastic site, lovely likeminded people,great walks,,,,5 star..
M G    14/06/12 05:10

Never looked back in 18 months. Great friends, outings and get together's
Ultreia (Jo & Alan)    09/06/12 07:51

Thanks, you have a great site and it helped me find what I was looking for within a short time. Best wishes and keep up the good work.
climbikeski  00/00/00 00:00

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