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Hi Steve,The hunter may just have struck lucky, thanks for everything and bye for now. Best wishes N
Ventoux Nick 

I have meet a lovely lady on Outdoor Duo and really happy, thank you

Good website well structured. Would use again.
Old Mountain Goat 

found my person yipeeeeee

Thank you Outdoor Duo for connecting us back in 2015 ... 3 years on we're now a happily married couple! V&M x

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Yes - definitely: Bea ( Pebbles), Helvellyn40, Dale, TrotOn
Yes - maybe: Cathy (and David ), Nigel7, Cazzer, Goldilocks, Try to find the same direction

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TrotOn   on 08/01/19 @ 20:42 said:

H40: Free to walk....but what happened to the pub grub with Bea?

Helvellyn40   on 08/01/19 @ 21:01 said:

TrotOn: As it happens there are a couple of pubs on route, one at Cray, and one at Hubberholme, oh and not forgetting the one at Buckden, so there is plenty of choice.

TrotOn   on 08/01/19 @ 21:36 said:

H40: Kip would like a bar meal, too. You have sold the walk to us both

Helvellyn40   on 09/01/19 @ 17:40 said:

TrotOn: 3 of use for a bar meal, not sure they will do dogs dinners though.

Bea ( Pebbles)   on 09/01/19 @ 18:30 said:

I know all the pubs above and so does Tilly

Count us in

TrotOn   on 09/01/19 @ 21:03 said:

H40: Alter this to a pub crawl and Kip and Tilly can drive us all home

TrotOn   on 09/01/19 @ 21:06 said:

H40: Kip has her own credit card....she will treat Tilly....perhaps Al will join us with Molly and Lilly...The kitchen would be empty after their visit

Bea ( Pebbles)   on 09/01/19 @ 21:20 said:

Troton Did you made sure that Kip only as limit funds available...?
Just thinking beeing on the safe side....Well I know Molly...!!!
But who is Lilly?

TrotOn   on 09/01/19 @ 22:12 said:

Bea: You're correct...Kip's credit would restrict her invitation to eat, beyond Tilly

Crikey...Molly would have us all bust

Lilly.....send Al a PM......she's gorgeous. Took me 5 seconds to look, touch her head and recognise how good she is. Ask Al

Bea ( Pebbles)   on 10/01/19 @ 18:47 said:

TrotOn David really !!!!
He has got another woman in his life !!!
Wow and Molly is going along with this....Oooh I will need to message him....and find out the gossip
A well behaved good looking one and not a food pincher?

Bea ( Pebbles)   on 10/01/19 @ 18:56 said:

Somebody with manners....thats more like Al' s style....he can show her off then !?

TrotOn   on 10/01/19 @ 18:57 said:

Bea: Al will "spill the beans"

One "food pincher" is more than enough for Al to handle

Helvellyn40   on 10/01/19 @ 19:01 said:

TrotOn: I was thinking the title of this walk should be Buckden Pike pub crawl.

Helvellyn40   on 10/01/19 @ 19:05 said:

TrotOn: Molly the food thieve, i'am not sure the kitchen would be empty,turned upside down yes,with Molly in her element, and the pub landlord living his worst nightmare.

TrotOn   on 10/01/19 @ 22:19 said:

H40: Not wanting to tarnish your excellent walk leading tradition.....but how about "Crawling to Buckden Pike having visited the pub"

Helvellyn40   on 11/01/19 @ 16:26 said:

TrotOn: I'am flattered that you think so highly of my walk leading, but as i have no experience of hill crawling, i'am going to give that activity a miss.

TrotOn   on 16/01/19 @ 21:23 said:

H40: Looking forward to an early Spring and a good walk led by a veteran leader.

After the pub....I might remember a few things from your walks

Like Kirkby Stephen....we could see the hills, but whichever way you turned your map...we couldn't leave the pasture fields

Bea ( Pebbles)   on 17/01/19 @ 22:43 said:

Now then....David....
Play least we have got 3 pubs to get us round !

Helvellyn40   on 18/01/19 @ 14:29 said:

TrotOn: I'am still looking forward to a long hard winter,not sure that will happen,or an early spring for that matter, but i will settle for a nice dry ,calm and sunny day with an added bonus of some snow on the tops.

Helvellyn40   on 18/01/19 @ 14:32 said:

Bea ( Pebbles): 3 pubs maybe needed if it's wet, i have asked Dale if she will arrange some good weather like the sort she provided for Northumberland.

Nigel7   on 20/01/19 @ 17:58 said:

Hi H40/TrotOn. Hope your both well and hope that I can make this.

TrotOn   on 20/01/19 @ 19:29 said:

Nigel7: Great to hear from you and we need you to bring order to the establishment.

Nigel7   on 22/01/19 @ 15:55 said:

Sorry TrotOn only madness here.

Helvellyn40   on 22/01/19 @ 18:39 said:

Nigel7: Great to hear from you Nigel,and hope you can make it.

Nigel7   on 22/01/19 @ 19:01 said:

H40. How long would it take to walk from Kettlewell YHA to Buckden meet point do you think?

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