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What has OutdoorDuo done for me?

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found my person yipeeeeee

Thank you Outdoor Duo for connecting us back in 2015 ... 3 years on we're now a happily married couple! V&M x

I have met somebody to share with.

This has been a great group for friendships and great outdoor experiences as well as for dating. I now have a life partner, and have recommended OD to others who've joined. My heartfelt thanks to you! xx
Rosie. B 

Fab site. Did it's job. Thank you

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Yes - definitely: KateB , Ruby Walls, Janhk, Maz, barbp-j, Rachael 234, Highpeakman, TC, catwalker, fresh air, Kate U
Sorry - can't come: Spring

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catwalker   on 22/10/18 @ 18:41 said:

Hi Kate, I’ll bring flatbreads/wraps and help serve on the night. Thanks for organising this

KateB    on 22/10/18 @ 18:59 said:

catwalker: Thank you

Ruby Walls   on 22/10/18 @ 20:09 said:

I'll bring custard and cream. I'll be more than happy to wash up.

Kate U   on 22/10/18 @ 21:46 said:

A lovely idea Kate - thank you for organising. I’ll bring the bags of salad and some dressing too.

barbp-j   on 23/10/18 @ 7:50 said:

I will bring a pudding and help as required !

KateB    on 23/10/18 @ 8:09 said:

Thank you all, much appreciated

Shropshire bloke   on 23/10/18 @ 8:18 said:

I'll bring a pudding and help out.

KateB    on 23/10/18 @ 16:00 said:

Thank you
I just need 4 more puddings if anyone is able to contribute?

alpine hiker   on 23/10/18 @ 17:37 said:

I can bring a pudding and will help with chores. Al

Highpeakman   on 23/10/18 @ 18:47 said:

I'll bring a pudding and dry the pots.(Having checked that Adam's washed them properly!!!

KateB    on 23/10/18 @ 23:19 said:

Highpeakman: I think it might be a long night for Adam??

Janhk   on 24/10/18 @ 19:46 said:

Thanks Kate. I'll bring a pudding and help as required

Maz   on 24/10/18 @ 22:06 said:

I'll bring a pudding too and help supervise Adam. I believe he has short legs to fit under the sink, so should be easy to slot him in there.

KateB    on 24/10/18 @ 23:19 said:

Thanks guys, think we have everything covered. Really appreciate all your help

TC   on 01/11/18 @ 14:45 said:

I'll bring the flowers....
Well, I'll bring something, just not sure what yet x

TC   on 07/11/18 @ 20:55 said:

Are there really only 11 of us? 6 puddings for 4 people makes 2 point something puddings each..... After talking to head chef I'm bringing yoghurt and some pre dinner salty snacks.

Ruby Walls   on 07/11/18 @ 20:57 said:

I do like puddings!

Highpeakman   on 07/11/18 @ 21:01 said:

RW: Probably 'cos you are one!!!

KateB    on 07/11/18 @ 22:19 said:

No there's more than 11, expecting 20 , several haven't put their names down but have said they are coming by mail.

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