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Yes - definitely: PeteK, Rick and Viv's Adventures, jo_jo
Yes - maybe: Alpsman, AliCam
Sorry - can't come: LakelandTerrorist, Outdoor lass, Twotone, Lazlo Woodbine, Cazzer, Schnauzer girl, Jo1, BigBadJohn, R1chard, Highpeakman, DebbieJ, Head for the Hills

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BigBadJohn   on 11/09/18 @ 12:37 said:

I had a quick half in the Fox and Goose last week - recommend it. Walking might be quite good as well

Head for the Hills   on 12/09/18 @ 19:56 said:

So sorry I can't make this Pete. I've already got another event on that day. Hope you post it again sometime. I'm sure you'll have a lovely day

LakelandTerrorist   on 13/09/18 @ 6:46 said:

I've never been Hebden bridge but I'm told its ace! So its in my diary and hope to see u Sat 13th Oct. Gill.

PeteK   on 13/09/18 @ 18:38 said:

HH:: sorry you can't make this June. Might put it on again next year if there's a demand. Lakeland Terrorist: interesting site name! Look forward to seeing you.

jo_jo   on 13/09/18 @ 19:32 said:

Love this area Pete. I am looking forward to it.

Jo J   on 19/09/18 @ 19:04 said:

Hiya PeteK, unfortunately I'm away then, but would be glad to hear if you do decide to post similar for another day, as it sounds great! Cheers Jo

Rick and Viv's Adventures   on 28/09/18 @ 11:01 said:

Hi PeteK, count us both in, we love the Hebden Bridge area and look forward to joining you

Camino Queen   on 02/10/18 @ 7:54 said:

Hi Pete JoJo offered same as last week for me to drive to hers from my temporary residence
So it may be a yes from me...thanks in touch

jo_jo   on 02/10/18 @ 13:46 said:

Camino Queen: Hope you can make it's a beautiful location if you've not been here before

Highpeakman   on 06/10/18 @ 21:22 said:

Sorry Pete, I can't make this. Have fun, I'm sure it'll be a cracker, your walks are always quality!!!

DebbieJ   on 07/10/18 @ 10:10 said:

Sorry I can't join you Pete...enjoy x

PeteK   on 11/10/18 @ 21:26 said:

Lakeland T: are you still intending to come on this walk?

LakelandTerrorist   on 12/10/18 @ 6:19 said:

Hi Pete yeah but I'm just looking at the weather!! Are u still starting at 09:30?? Very heavy rain....

PeteK   on 12/10/18 @ 7:58 said:

LT: Walk still on, starting at 09.45. Forecast not good but has been changing every day. Hope for the best!

Rick and Viv's Adventures   on 12/10/18 @ 8:57 said:

PeteK: The weathers not looking good for Saturday with heavy rain forecast all day so we may drop out at short notice if there's no change
If we're not at the start point please don't wait for us.

BigBadJohn   on 12/10/18 @ 9:32 said:

I was going to come by train, but they're on strike tomorrow!

PeteK   on 12/10/18 @ 10:57 said:

As I'm only up the hill from the start I'll be there at the start time. Be lovely to see some of you but not the end of the world if no one turns up.

LakelandTerrorist   on 12/10/18 @ 16:48 said:

I%u2019m keeping my eye on the Met Office app as it%u2019s a long drive for me to then get drenched.. there appears to be a window from 10am to 16:00. Full.

LakelandTerrorist   on 12/10/18 @ 16:49 said:

Gill even!!! Full???

LakelandTerrorist   on 12/10/18 @ 18:45 said:

Backing out sorry..window worse.. Sunday is dry!!

Outdoor lass  on 12/10/18 @ 19:18 said:

Sorry Pete it's not looking great for tomorrow at all. Was really looking forward to getting back out with you all as well. This was a local walk for me as well.

Lazlo Woodbine   on 12/10/18 @ 22:16 said:

What is it with you and the weather Pete? I am going to be softie and pull out. Hope the forecast isn't proved right and you have a good day.

jo_jo   on 12/10/18 @ 22:20 said:

Pete think I'm going to cry off tomorrow as the weather is looking so dire. Such a shame but I hope you can re-post it again in the future.

Jo1   on 12/10/18 @ 22:39 said:

Sorry Pete I%u2019m opting out too, really hope you can re-post soon.

Rick and Viv's Adventures   on 13/10/18 @ 7:19 said:

Sorry Pete weather not looking good for today, so we're pulling out too
Hope you can repost this walk again soon

PeteK   on 13/10/18 @ 7:56 said:

Baked an apple cake as well. Going to have to eat it myself.

Jo1   on 13/10/18 @ 20:42 said:

Oh did you not freeze it for Thursday??

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