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Yes - definitely: Corrie, Cliffe, Honey Bun, R1chard, Camino Queen, Walking On, Fiddle, Kate U, AliCam, barbp-j, Well and Truly, milvus, clare lyndsay, Ultreia (Jo & Alan), top_spot (john), going4gold
Yes - maybe: Dale
Sorry - can't come: Highpeakman, ruth, Lazlo Woodbine, TrotOn, Tracy (no 'e'!), Tinks, Kath_T, Bea ( Pebbles), Cathy (and David )

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landranger68   on 29/08/18 @ 9:01 said:

Hi John,This is one of my favourite walks,even better in Winter,with Crampons a must,mulled wine at the Mortal Man

clare lyndsay   on 31/08/18 @ 17:23 said:

I can do this one John, woo! I'll hope to do the saturday too but have to see.

top_spot (john)   on 31/08/18 @ 21:03 said:

clare lyndsay: Looking forward to seeing you, Clare.

Cathy (and David )   on 05/09/18 @ 19:21 said:

We might be tempted...knowing the Mortal Man is on the route! Too early for Mulled wine, but Loweswater Gold has been sighted there ...

top_spot (john)   on 05/09/18 @ 21:56 said:

CathyandDavid: I kept quiet about the Mortal Man, hoping to tempt people with the mountain, but you're right!

going4gold   on 01/10/18 @ 16:39 said:

Think I might run this early doors from Ambleside hostel and then go MTB Grisedale

going4gold   on 07/10/18 @ 22:27 said:

Going to join you John
Thanks for organising
Will be good to catch up with you all and will give the bike a spin on Friday on my way up

Cathy (and David )   on 13/10/18 @ 9:26 said:

Sorry to abandon... but weather forecast is not very tempting!

Well and Truly   on 13/10/18 @ 20:44 said:

top_spot (john): hopefully I'll be able to get to you tomorrow. The road between Clappersgate and the humpback bridge in Ambleside was under 18 inches of water. May have to go around Windermere If it gets any worse. Fingers crossed. Will call if I have problem %uD83E%uDD1E

milvus   on 14/10/18 @ 7:28 said:

Hi John, Jo Alan and I are going to give this one a miss as not sure we would get there with the flooding. Hope to catch up with you soon. x

top_spot (john)   on 14/10/18 @ 8:28 said:

milvus: Thanks for letting me know. Amother time!

Cliffe   on 14/10/18 @ 19:07 said:

Thank you John for an excellent couple of walks. Thanks also to all those who came along and made me feel welcome and help me though my first YHA experience.

Fiddle   on 14/10/18 @ 19:11 said:

Thanks for organising this John- a lovely walk, great weather and wonderful company for my first OD outing!

Kate U   on 14/10/18 @ 20:18 said:

A really great day with the promised sunshine at the end. Thank you John for organising and everyone for the lovely company! I%u2019ve uploaded a group photo to the photos section of the site. Kate

top_spot (john)   on 14/10/18 @ 21:52 said:

Thanks to everyone who came and made it such an enjoyable weekend despite the weather.

R1chard   on 15/10/18 @ 13:29 said:

John thanks for a such a memorable weekend of contrasting weather, tea roooms and cake.

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