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Yes - definitely: Corrie, AliCam, Dale, Camino Queen, R1chard, barbp-j, Well and Truly, clare lyndsay, Cliffe, milvus, top_spot (john), going4gold
Yes - maybe: Fiddle
Sorry - can't come: life's an adventure, Sheils, Ultreia (Jo & Alan), Outdoor lass, Kate U, Barrington B, Lazlo Woodbine, TrotOn, Bea ( Pebbles), Highpeakman, Bionic Man, Kath_T, Spring, Tracy (no 'e'!), Tinks

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TrotOn   on 22/08/18 @ 18:09 said:

Will be great to catch up before Ullswater. Officially...I'm on call as major backup, but the Lakes should be fine!

top_spot (john)   on 23/08/18 @ 18:56 said:

StriderSteve: There's enthusiasm! Be nice to see you again, Steve.

Tracy (no 'e'!)   on 31/08/18 @ 18:45 said:

I'm coming, 'moderate' was the word that got me hooked! I'm booked into Ambleside YHA Friday to Monday.

top_spot (john)   on 31/08/18 @ 21:02 said:

Tracy: It'll be nice to see you again, Tracy.

Well and Truly   on 04/09/18 @ 12:30 said:

John, I've booked into Skelwith caravan park so see you for the whole weekend. Rob

top_spot (john)   on 04/09/18 @ 14:43 said:

Well and Truly: See you then, Rob; it's been a few years!

barbp-j   on 07/09/18 @ 17:58 said:

Booked into Ambleside yha

Stephen   on 10/09/18 @ 15:44 said:

Sorry John, it's the Wasdale Show today, so I will probably go to that - particularly with it being cancelled last year.
I will come on the Wansfell walk tomorrow, if the weather is ok.

top_spot (john)   on 15/09/18 @ 13:08 said:

barbp-j: Look forward to seeing you again Barbara.

top_spot (john)   on 15/09/18 @ 13:09 said:

Stephen: Let's hope the weather is better this time.

going4gold   on 29/09/18 @ 18:04 said:

I am racing in Patterdale that weekend - I believe on Sunday
If so I will come up Sat , book a hostel and join you for the walk

top_spot (john)   on 30/09/18 @ 21:46 said:

going4gold: Look forward to seeing you. I hope our gentle pace will be good preparation for your race.

Cliffe   on 30/09/18 @ 22:31 said:

John, this will be my second outing with the OD. Thank you for putting this invitation out and I would like to come along. I realise after the Pendle Hill walk that there is a lot of work that goes into these. I look forward to meeting up with you on the 13th.

going4gold   on 01/10/18 @ 6:53 said:

After a reccie yesterday I realised that my relay in Patterdale is next weekend . I am so well organised !
So am definitely up for this and will post a bike ride in Grisedale for the Sunday for anyone who is interested
Barb - what night are you booked into the hostel ?

top_spot (john)   on 02/10/18 @ 17:37 said:

Cliffe: Thanks for the appreciation, Cliffe. As it happens this is a familiar one for me so no great effort is required on my part; we just need the weather to play its part. Look forward to meeting you.

going4gold   on 03/10/18 @ 17:16 said:

Ambleside female dorms full but booked into Windermere yha Friday and Sat
Anyone up for a night out in Ambleside ?
Zefferellis ? Or a pub meal somewhere ?

top_spot (john)   on 05/10/18 @ 14:18 said:

going4gold: Yes Zeffirellis would be my choice; happy to join you either Friday or Saturday.

Well and Truly   on 08/10/18 @ 20:27 said:

going4gold: happy to go out on the Saturday night, not sure I'll be there in time for Friday dinner.

Tracy (no 'e'!)   on 09/10/18 @ 12:47 said:

Sorry John, I'm ducking out of the whole weekend. I have been keeping an eye on the weather and it looks awful for Saturday - it's a very long way for me to come to get wet when I can do that in Wales! I hope that things go well nonetheless, I'll be up another time.

TrotOn   on 09/10/18 @ 19:11 said:

top_spot (john):Sorry I can't make your walks, but do have a leisurely amble. I need to base myself at look after the younger graduate generation

top_spot (john)   on 09/10/18 @ 21:39 said:

Tracy: It's not looking good for the weekend so I quite understand if people prefer not to come. I shall probably have to do low level walks instead.

top_spot (john)   on 09/10/18 @ 21:40 said:

TrotOn: Our loss is their gain. See you soon.

clare lyndsay   on 10/10/18 @ 18:39 said:

John , I can make Saturday ...but not Sunday now! Looking forward to it

top_spot (john)   on 10/10/18 @ 21:20 said:

clare lyndsay: That's a shame as Sunday's forecast is OK. Look forward to seeing you.

Camino Queen   on 10/10/18 @ 21:21 said:

Hi Top Spot John oh dam weather I so wanted to cone. It's not so much the walking my little car gets blown all over and after my 360 spin in the mg in summer I'm still a little nervous...see you on another and enjoy

Barrington B   on 10/10/18 @ 22:12 said:

Hi John - many thanks for the invitation, due the heavy rain and poor visibility on Saturday I think I will avoid outdoor activity. A real shame as Sunday looks perfect.

top_spot (john)   on 11/10/18 @ 17:49 said:

Barrington B: Sorry you can't join us on Sunday. Another time.

top_spot (john)   on 11/10/18 @ 17:53 said:

Camino Queen: It's very disappointing about the weather, Di, but it's the right decision not to travel such a long way. See you soon in better conditions.

going4gold   on 11/10/18 @ 20:21 said:

Fortune favours the brave

Cliffe   on 11/10/18 @ 21:50 said:

I will travel up tomorrow and get to the Hostel. I will also make my way to the start line and join you for whatever walk you choose, not sure what to wear now - walking clothes or swimming trunks

Dale   on 11/10/18 @ 23:58 said:

I haven%u2019t walked in the rain for such a long time..... being it on my plans have not changed

Dale   on 11/10/18 @ 23:58 said:

Ha bring it on !!!!!

barbp-j   on 12/10/18 @ 7:50 said:

Hi John
I think it is unlikely I will make it due to potential horrible drive up north but will hold off decision till after work. If I am not there tomorrow that will be why so don%u2019t wait ! Thank you for your hard work, I was really looking forward to weekend but sometimes have to be sensible ! Barbara

top_spot (john)   on 12/10/18 @ 9:35 said:

barbp-j: OK Barbara. See you another time if not tomorrow.

top_spot (john)   on 12/10/18 @ 9:36 said:

going4gold: No fortune Mary; just a walk in the rain with me.

Dale   on 12/10/18 @ 11:20 said:

That%u2019s fortunate John, I will be setting off this afternoon

Ultreia (Jo & Alan)   on 12/10/18 @ 17:12 said:

Sorry John change of heart. We will hopefully see you Sunday

Spring   on 12/10/18 @ 19:18 said:

Tizzie dog has been grounded by the vet today. She%u2019s got a painful back / hips ( we don%u2019t really know ) and a lump so she%u2019s only allowed 20mins exercise until she%u2019s had her x rays / test results and we know what%u2019s up. Therefore I%u2019m grounded too. Sorry to miss you all. Maybe I can drive up to join you for the cuppa and cake afterwards. I%u2019ll be in touch with John during the day to see how you are all doing and timings for return to Ambleside!

milvus   on 12/10/18 @ 23:48 said:

Hi John will probably give tomorrow a miss and join you Sunday due to weather forecast. B %uD83D%uDE0A

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