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Yes - definitely: Nigel7, Thea, Heather Valley
Yes - maybe: Happyfeet

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Nigel7   on 22/08/18 @ 18:47 said:

Hi Heather are these different Colleges to last time?

Heather Valley  on 23/08/18 @ 19:59 said:

Hi Nigel, the route is different this year; Sidney Sussex, St Catherine's, Christ's, Pembroke, Trinity, and Emmanuel College, and the Zoology Museum. Last time I think the route included the University Library and King's. However Emanuel College is on the route again, the one with the tunnel under the road and the beautiful gardens, but it's very close to the start/finish line. My route to Grantchester is the same as before, but I've changed a pub visit to an outside tearoom.

landranger68   on 24/08/18 @ 8:27 said:

Hi Heather,I would have enjoyed this walk,especially as my Niece
Live there,with a Great Nephew at Kings,but just too far away.Hope all goes well

Heather Valley  on 24/08/18 @ 12:43 said:

Thank you Landranger. This walk takes place once a year in September.

Nigel7   on 24/08/18 @ 21:48 said:

Thanks Heather could not remember those details more impressed by the look of the buildings/ architecture.

Happyfeet   on 27/08/18 @ 17:52 said:

Hi, I was doing the college walk anyway starting at 9:30, all registered and everything but would be interested in meeting you at 9

Heather Valley  on 27/08/18 @ 18:49 said:

That's great Happyfeet.

Happyfeet   on 07/09/18 @ 9:29 said:

Hi, have badly bruised my toe so although I will be walking (hobbling?) on Sunday I will be going slowly leaning on a friend! Don%u2019t expect to see me this time. Sorry!

Heather Valley  on 07/09/18 @ 17:58 said:

Oh no Happyfeet, that sounds painful. I hope your foot gets better soon.

Happyfeet   on 07/09/18 @ 18:25 said:

Thanks, just my own careless fault when carrying an oak shelf, or not as I dropped it! On my foot!

Heather Valley  on 07/09/18 @ 19:20 said:

Oh my goodness, that sounds painful Happyfeet. Perhaps not such happyfeet?
Nigel do you mind if a woman I used to work with joins us on the walk? I'm hoping that Dot will be able to walk to Grantchester but I think she's starting the walk a bit later on, unless you'd prefer to walk later too and I can rearrange my former colleague's start time? It looks as if the weather is going to be ok for Sunday.

Thea   on 07/09/18 @ 20:33 said:

Am expecting to start 10.30ish. Definitely meet up somewhere

Heather Valley  on 07/09/18 @ 21:52 said:

That's great Dot.

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