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Yes - maybe: Outdoor lass, Cazzer, CN17, Alpsman, life's an adventure, landranger68
Sorry - can't come: Walking On, Rachael 234, Highpeakman, AverageGuy, Al86, Travelling Lady, Sandidays, Head for the Hills, milvus, PeteK, Rambler Rose, CazH

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Mountain Heather   on 20/08/18 @ 18:42 said:

If everything is ok with mum, I%u2019ll try and join you guys. If I do, would you mind if I bring a friend from work along with me?

KateB    on 20/08/18 @ 18:46 said:

Mountain Heather: Really hope you can make it and of course your friend is welcome too x

AverageGuy   on 20/08/18 @ 19:20 said:

Sorry i wont be able to make this

KateB    on 20/08/18 @ 22:20 said:

AverageGuy: I suspect you'll be somewhere a little more exciting?? Enjoy

KateB    on 20/08/18 @ 22:21 said:

Be lovely to see you Mitch, been ages

Highpeakman   on 22/08/18 @ 19:16 said:

It's great to see you and Geoff putting a walk on, Kate, unfortunately you've picked my working weekend!! xx

landranger68   on 25/08/18 @ 10:54 said:

Hi Heather,Will you be entertaining us with your Flugle as we wander,no doubt the Happy Wanderer

KateB    on 25/08/18 @ 23:57 said:

Nothing ventured .....: Welcome to OD, you are very welcome to join us, look forward to meeting you

KateB    on 25/08/18 @ 23:58 said:

Highpeakman: Arghhhh that's a shame, you will be missed. I'll consult your diary before putting another one on x

Head for the Hills   on 12/09/18 @ 19:58 said:

Sorry I can't make this Kate. I've already committed to the Edale Skyline. Have a lovely day

Mountain Heather   on 20/09/18 @ 16:51 said:

Land ranger: to save the save the world from my terrible paying, I packed in the flugelhorn and no plans to take any other instrument up anytime soon

KateB    on 24/09/18 @ 8:19 said:

Head for the Hills: Hope you have a fabulous day too x

KateB    on 25/09/18 @ 17:26 said:

Run for the hills .: Welcome to the site, look forward to meeting you

Rick and Viv's Adventures   on 28/09/18 @ 10:11 said:

Hi Geoff & Kate we're hoping to come along on your walk, will confirm nearer the time x

KateB    on 28/09/18 @ 19:03 said:

Rick and Viv, really hope you can make it, be lovely to see you both x

Rick and Viv's Adventures   on 06/10/18 @ 10:28 said:

KateB : Hi Kate would it be ok for my Dad to join this walk as a guest? He's very fit and wouldn't hold the group up. Viv xx

KateB    on 06/10/18 @ 17:39 said:

Rick and Viv, yes of course your Dad can join us, be lovely to meet him xx

Rambler Rose  on 10/10/18 @ 12:39 said:

Is it okay to bring my two dogs?

Mountain Heather   on 10/10/18 @ 21:49 said:

Rick & Viv: woohoo, will be lovely to catch up with you guys...and your fab dad, as well x

KateB    on 10/10/18 @ 22:13 said:

Rambler Rose: Your dogs would be very welcome. There were a couple of fields with cattle in when we did the reccie so they would need to be on a lead for those sections and just so you are aware, there were a couple of stepped walled stiles which I know can be tricky for dogs to master!

Maz   on 13/10/18 @ 21:29 said:

Looking forward to this.

Rambler Rose  on 16/10/18 @ 21:20 said:

Sorry. Can't make it now. My son, at Uni, actually has some free time this weekend %uD83D%uDE09 So I'm popping up to see him. Hope you all have a great walk.

Blue John   on 17/10/18 @ 15:41 said:

KateB : Hi Kate, would have been great to catch up with folks but I'm away in Northumberland for a long weekend

Sandidays   on 18/10/18 @ 22:06 said:

Sorry Have to cancel. Child arrangements have changed.

Sandidays   on 18/10/18 @ 22:06 said:


landranger68   on 19/10/18 @ 16:49 said:

Sorry,but a bust pipe at home,Plumber here tomorrow,Wishing you all a good day

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