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Yes - maybe: lizzied
A2z   on 24/05/18 @ 18:31 said:

Hi Stephen, I would definitely like to do this but I'm walking in Portugal that week. Can you let me know if you are planning any more. Thanks Kathy

lizzied   on 24/05/18 @ 20:08 said:

Your invitation is very appealing, pending confirmation of a course I%u2019m hoping to do on Skye the previous week. I%u2019ll change to a definite and transfer a deposit by the end of the weekend. Many thanks.

Stephen   on 29/05/18 @ 10:30 said:

Thanks Lizzie, can you help find another three people who'd like to commit, please?!

lizzied   on 07/06/18 @ 0:55 said:

Sorry Stephen- my plans have now changed so i%u2019m unable to come.

TrotOn   on 29/07/18 @ 16:05 said:

Stephen: This invite should be overflowing! I would be there if it wasn't for using all my holiday earlier this year with you all.Look forward to your cottage in Scotland next May, when I will be overflowing with more holidays.

Hope your invite picks up.....tell everyone that you can now cook a meal

Stephen   on 03/08/18 @ 14:45 said:

At the moment, no-one has expressed a strong interest in this. I am going backpacking in the alps next week until the end of August so I won't be able to access the OD site until I return in early September.

However, I am still keen to organise a cottage somewhere in the Scottish highlands - I'm fairly flexible in terms of dates - any time from mid-September to early October would suit me.

So, if anyone is interested, please email me through OD or leave a message below - but I will only be able to read/reply to comments in early September.


TrotOn   on 08/09/18 @ 23:24 said:

Stephen: Don't worry, other things for you to look forward to are developing!

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