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Hi Steve,The hunter may just have struck lucky, thanks for everything and bye for now. Best wishes N
Ventoux Nick 

I have met a lovely lady on Outdoor Duo and really happy, thank you

Good website well structured. Would use again.
Old Mountain Goat 

found my person yipeeeeee

Thank you Outdoor Duo for connecting us back in 2015 ... 3 years on we're now a happily married couple! V&M x

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Yes - definitely: Sel, jellybaby, Lancs Lad, grey_brother, Glyn nav, Lazlo Woodbine, Shaza , jo_jo, Macc59, Head for the Hills, SheilaB
Yes - maybe: Blue John, landranger68, R1chard, Miss T, Tinks
Sorry - can't come: Jo1, Outdoor lass, S.A.M, Over the 'next' hill., Cazzer, Alpsman, Highpeakman, chrissy100, PeteK, Camino Queen

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grey_brother   on 10/05/18 @ 10:27 said:

The internet is not devoid of images of Monsal Head!

grey_brother   on 10/05/18 @ 13:24 said:

Nice one Glyn. Get that tent dusted!

Lazlo Woodbine   on 10/05/18 @ 19:20 said:

What? Google images Monal Head abd take your pick of over 100.

Lazlo Woodbine   on 10/05/18 @ 19:21 said:

Would rather camp next to the 3 stags heads.

Head for the Hills   on 10/05/18 @ 19:25 said:

I'm in Sam, but..... only if the campers ARE interested in the showers

Miss T   on 10/05/18 @ 22:14 said:

If I can attend, I'll be doing the walk/s camping for me! Might hang around for a chat around the camp fire before heading home though

grey_brother   on 10/05/18 @ 22:38 said:

HftH: In view of Dougie's preference ..... I don't think HE is!
MissT: It's hardly worth getting the car out is it?

Head for the Hills   on 10/05/18 @ 22:58 said:

No camping for me, either site. Booked a bnb, but might share a beer round the camp fire with T et al

Glyn nav   on 11/05/18 @ 22:26 said:

Am booked in sam.just hope its better than my last camping adventures where i vowed never again

Lazlo Woodbine   on 17/05/18 @ 21:31 said:

Decided to camp so it better not rain otherwise your name will be Mudd. Currently that is Glyn's name.

grey_brother   on 23/05/18 @ 0:15 said:

If we could only foretell what will be .....

Sel   on 27/05/18 @ 15:38 said:

Hi - would love to join you, but not a camper! Have booked at the George Hotel, Bakewell, cheapest option! (school holidays I suppose put the prices up!). Anyway, sure I can sort the logistics out (it's actually a family room if anyone would like to share).

grey_brother   on 03/06/18 @ 23:57 said:

Great stuff Sel. Look forward to meeting you.

Lazlo Woodbine   on 23/06/18 @ 12:11 said:

Football on the 11th, dirties at home, but will turn up for the Sunday walk. May camp Saturday night.

grey_brother   on 25/06/18 @ 0:16 said:

Ok dude! See you then.

Camino Queen   on 10/07/18 @ 21:26 said:

Hi not sure which walk but will join you on one. Loved the night one you did last year. Well planned pub visits too

grey_brother   on 17/07/18 @ 0:24 said:

chrissy100   on 21/07/18 @ 8:26 said:

I’ll join you on one of the day walks

grey_brother   on 23/07/18 @ 22:17 said:

Excellent. I'll be posting distances, start times and location shortly.

Over the 'next' hill.   on 01/08/18 @ 17:16 said:

unfortunately been offered work on the Saturday now, hope you all have a wonderful time.

Macc59   on 03/08/18 @ 19:25 said:

Sam I've spoken to the owner and mentioned Sam's party,,he said you'll need to inform him of numbers on or before Wednesday the 8th as it may get busy,,you may already know this but he asked me to let you know,Gary

grey_brother   on 03/08/18 @ 23:28 said:

Thanks Gary - I'll look into this.

jo_jo   on 05/08/18 @ 19:30 said:

Sel: I am interested in sharing the room with you if it is still available. I will pm you x ��

Camino Queen   on 05/08/18 @ 21:45 said:

I'm up for Friday....who else doing night walk?? No camping.....going home after but sounds fun...

SheilaB   on 06/08/18 @ 15:23 said:

I will be coming up on Friday but not sure if I can get there in time for the night walk. I booked 2 nights at the camp site mentioning 'Sam's party'. Looking forward to the weekend.

grey_brother   on 06/08/18 @ 18:41 said:

Great stuff - looking forward to it!

Sel   on 06/08/18 @ 21:39 said:

Jo jo - sent you a message. Now booked at Little Longstone - much closer, so can join in the 'singing' round the campfire!

Macc59   on 07/08/18 @ 13:07 said:

Now booked in for Friday night,,spoke to Maureen and she asked could all that are definitely staying at Park House campsite confirm which nights they are staying as she needs to know by Wednesday evening ,,ring to book 01629 640463,,hope this is ok with you Sam .

jo_jo   on 07/08/18 @ 15:52 said:

I will be joining you on the Saturday walk Sam and I am booked in at Little Longstone with Sel.

Miss T   on 07/08/18 @ 19:42 said:

I plan to join you all for the Friday eve walk, stop for a drink afterwards, but then go home.
It's unlikely that I'll be attending the weekend walks, sorry Sam

grey_brother   on 07/08/18 @ 22:39 said:

Thanks everyone for the updates. Thanks Gary - I spoke to (I guess) Maureen today .…. all seemed ok at the time. So … roll on Friday!

Cazzer  on 08/08/18 @ 20:04 said:

Alas, working all weekend

Camino Queen   on 10/08/18 @ 10:39 said:

HI Sam I'm sorry can't make it now. I've FB messaged you. Enjoy you guys

Lazlo Woodbine   on 10/08/18 @ 10:41 said:

Will only be there for the Sunday walk as the match is a 5.30 kick off so by the time I get to the camp site it will be getting dark and I dislike putting a tent up in the dark.

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