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Yes - definitely: Outdoor lass, Alpsman, jellybaby, BigBadJohn, Shropshire bloke, Ju, activechris, Macc59, grey_brother, Glyn nav, Bean, Snow White, BOOTLACE, The Wanderer Returns, Carpe Diem!, SueW, Rachael 234, Lazlo Woodbine
Yes - maybe: Philtheetiler
Sorry - can't come: Cazzer, Ruby Walls, Vickster, sue c, PeteK, DebbieJ, Rick and Viv's Adventures, Highpeakman, Pollydaydream, Miss T, R1chard, Camino Queen, Jo1, Schnauzer girl, Head for the Hills

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Miss T   on 16/04/18 @ 20:33 said:

Aww Glyn, sorry I'm gonna miss this. I'm going on holiday to do more of the Anglesey Coast path the day before!

Jill18   on 21/04/18 @ 11:55 said:

Aw..was gonna make this one the Roaches area..but going to Chatsworth Horse Trials....hope to get to see you soon x

Camino Queen   on 26/04/18 @ 19:21 said:

Oh Glyn my favourite thanks for putting this on.
Done so many times I should lead it but still get u lost hax

Lazlo Woodbine   on 26/04/18 @ 22:20 said:

The Roachers, sounds fishy to me.

Lazlo Woodbine   on 27/04/18 @ 12:03 said:

Distance 11.4 miles?

Glyn nav   on 27/04/18 @ 12:57 said:

Tell you more doug after sundays recce

Head for the Hills   on 28/04/18 @ 20:49 said:

Sorry to miss this Glyn but I've decided to have a change of scenery for once. I'll be in the Cotswolds. You're still my favourite walk leader though

Camino Queen   on 01/05/18 @ 0:51 said:

Oh Head for the Hills what you after. Being number 1 in Glyn Nav's harem???
Well enjoy the cotswolds glows ticks n all %uD83D%uDE00

Outdoor lass  on 01/05/18 @ 12:28 said:

Hi Glyn would love to go on this walk. Just a bit concerned about the distance for me at moment. You might end up having to give me piggy back for the last couple of mile%uD83D%uDE0A

Carpe Diem!   on 06/05/18 @ 19:13 said:

Really hope to make this Glyn but I'm at a beer festival on Sat eve so I'll keep myself as a Maybe and hope to get up! J

Rachael 234   on 08/05/18 @ 8:07 said:

Hope you make it J

Cazzer  on 10/05/18 @ 6:13 said:

Got to work so we have to miss this onexx

Ruby Walls   on 10/05/18 @ 19:10 said:

Sorry Glyn, it appears I have to be a good parent on Sunday, kids eh! always spoiling my fun.

Camino Queen   on 11/05/18 @ 12:52 said:

I will bring banana bread but doubt be able to carry enough for everyone so maybe another Mary Berry will step up?

Carpe Diem!   on 11/05/18 @ 13:31 said:

I've made some jelly babies

BOOTLACE  on 11/05/18 @ 16:34 said:

Hi, I am hoping to join the walk on Sunday, my very first OD, and am looking forward to meeting you all.

Glyn nav   on 11/05/18 @ 18:19 said:

Hi will love it its a fantastic group to be in. And ive been told its one of the best walks ive lead.

Lazlo Woodbine   on 12/05/18 @ 17:22 said:

Think you will need a back marker now Glyn and that Ruby Walls bloke who hangs back to harass all the women isn't there.

Philtheetiler   on 12/05/18 @ 23:58 said:

Glyn nav: Is there a grid reference for the meeting point you could please add ?

Glyn nav   on 13/05/18 @ 1:02 said:

Hi phil use the postcode it takes you to to starting point.everyone else can find it

Philtheetiler   on 13/05/18 @ 4:41 said:

Glyn nav: great if you :have GPS or live local and know the area to use invitation description.

activechris   on 13/05/18 @ 8:55 said:

Sorry Glyn. Won't be able to make it today - pulled a calf muscle climbing yesterday and struggling with it this morning. See you on your next one. Have a great walk

Vickster   on 13/05/18 @ 9:19 said:

Sorry Glyn big delays on M1 this morning. Only just made it to A50. Won%u2019t get there in time sadly. Hope to join the next one

Philtheetiler   on 13/05/18 @ 9:45 said:

Would of kooned you if I knew where it was !

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