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Yes - definitely: Helvellyn40, Tothehillsandback
Sorry - can't come: Bea ( Pebbles), Cathy (and David ), Dale, Jannyfrizz

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Tothehillsandback   on 15/04/18 @ 19:13 said:

looking forward to it

TrotOn   on 16/04/18 @ 21:27 said:

I am away on Skye at this time some photos of your walk and I'll pick them up.

landranger68   on 16/04/18 @ 21:43 said:

Kirkby Stephen holds such happy memories as it was my first solo walk of the C2C 2003.Would reallylikr to re engague with this area,but will look for an opportunity within my voluntary roles.

Helvellyn40   on 17/04/18 @ 18:17 said:

TrotOn: Enjoy your time on Skye David.
I'am still thinking about walking this Sunday as i mentioned in an email to you the other day,give me a shout if your interested.
The above photo was taken on that short walk we did up Nine Standards Rigg if you remember.

TrotOn   on 17/04/18 @ 19:40 said:

Paul: I do remember....we were both knackered after that one.
Busy this weekend, but will mail you.

Bea ( Pebbles)   on 18/04/18 @ 20:38 said:

Paul....Yes you are right. I would have loved meeting...and catch up with you all.
I have messaged you...
Have a fab day..
Bea and Tilly

Cathy (and David )   on 21/04/18 @ 8:04 said:

I think David will join you but I'm otherwise engaged that day. More's the pity

Dale   on 29/04/18 @ 7:18 said:

So sorry Paul, I%u2019ve just been reminded it%u2019s a great nephews birthday celebration

TrotOn   on 04/05/18 @ 22:02 said:

Have a great walk Paul. Hope the weather remains kind for you. Might be worth contacting Nelson, although he could be up on Skye at that time?

Helvellyn40   on 07/05/18 @ 20:07 said:

TrotOn: Will do David,the weather is looking much cooler for this next weekend,thankfully,so it could be back to hat and gloves on the tops. Nelson will join us if he isn't up in Scotland.

TrotOn   on 07/05/18 @ 21:51 said:

Just had a drenching on Skye today...but some our group have done in pin today!!

Cathy (and David )   on 11/05/18 @ 20:57 said:

Afraid David cannot make it as I need car that day ...hope to see you later soon.

Tothehillsandback   on 13/05/18 @ 13:34 said:

So my first OD walk! All I can say is - its a good job I like long walks because this 12.5 mile walk turned out to be 14.5 with 3000 feet of ascent. Thanks Paul!! x but don't worry I will get my own back and as I am a member of the LDWA payback will be greater lol

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