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What has OutdoorDuo done for me?

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Fab site. Did it's job. Thank you

Met a lovely man and moved country. Hope this site does well for others and have recommended it to several people.

Hi Steve, can only give you positive feedback! Have really enjoyed being on this site for 7 years and most of my adventures have been because of OD. Leaving now with loads and loads of fantastic memories.

OD is a great organisation. Have met good friends, and had some great walks.
adventure rose 

Thank you - I have met someone using Outdoor Duo. He's very nice too!
Peaky Walker 

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Yes - definitely: top_spot (john), Walking On, Northern Soul
Yes - maybe: Corrie, clare lyndsay, BigBadJohn, Wild campervan man

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Wild campervan man   on 02/03/18 @ 18:49 said:

Hi Dave. I hope to join you on the Tuesday them I’m into Keswick for the Mountain Festival. I have a Camper so will park up in Sedbergh wherever I can. Any change le me know. Thanks rdgs M

CathyandDavid   on 02/03/18 @ 19:02 said:

We live in Sedbergh and will be able to run a walk on one of the days too.

Walking On   on 02/03/18 @ 19:53 said:

WCM - great, will post any changes or additions on here
CathyandDavid - excellent, will be nice to catch up with you both again

LindaB   on 04/03/18 @ 9:09 said:

Would like to come over for a walk or two. I have a dog, so won't be able to go to concerts, which would be nice if I get a dog sitter.

LindaB   on 04/03/18 @ 9:27 said:

Having looked at the music events I have now booked Tasmin Little on Thursday 7th. Anyone else interested? Would like to do a walk on that day. This means I willhave to leave my dog at home

Walking On   on 05/03/18 @ 22:41 said:

My tickets arrived in the post this morning. Must put them somewhere that I'll remember....

CathyandDavid   on 10/04/18 @ 14:17 said:

Looks likely I can run a walk from Sedbergh on Thursday 7th. Will post something soon.

Walking On   on 11/04/18 @ 23:05 said:

Brilliant, many thanks. I've started poring over the map...

CathyandDavid   on 21/04/18 @ 8:15 said:

I have now posted a walk for the 8th...but if people coming prefer the 7th I can probably rearrange.

LindaB   on 26/04/18 @ 10:35 said:

I would like to walk on the 8th. I will be staying near Sedburgh from Wednesday to Saturday and will walk each day and hopefull join others who want to walk.

clare lyndsay   on 28/04/18 @ 18:05 said:

Hello - I can make the 7th or 8th for a walk. I live nearby and come over Thurs or Friday - it'll be fab to explore the area

Walking On   on 28/04/18 @ 18:24 said:

Looks as if we have a nucleus forming.

Walking On   on 01/05/18 @ 20:43 said:

We now have a bike ride on Tuesday, walks of about nine miles each (to allow time for return, cleanup and eating before concerts) on Wednesday and Thursday, and a longer walk on Friday.

Northern Soul   on 10/05/18 @ 14:50 said:

Have booked with top_spot(john) to see Red Priest on Tues (no meal) and A Fistful of Spookies on Friday. Got tickets so good to go.

Walking On   on 10/05/18 @ 17:44 said:

Great! It will be nice to see you both again

BigBadJohn   on 21/05/18 @ 12:34 said:

I can probably do the walks on Wed and Thurs

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