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Hi Steve,The hunter may just have struck lucky, thanks for everything and bye for now. Best wishes N
Ventoux Nick 

I have meet a lovely lady on Outdoor Duo and really happy, thank you

Good website well structured. Would use again.
Old Mountain Goat 

found my person yipeeeeee

Thank you Outdoor Duo for connecting us back in 2015 ... 3 years on we're now a happily married couple! V&M x

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Yes - definitely: Elderflower, Justapussycatreally, Wysiwyg , Janhk, Lancs Lad, Aysha, Montie, Jo J, Peregrina, Chris50, lizzied, Catalan63, catwalker, Philtheetiler, cliffwalking
Yes - maybe: Jez, CambsMia
Sorry - can't come: JW, Cath, Bike and Boat

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Montie   on 13/02/18 @ 9:13 said:

Ah selected wrong photo and can't change it atm!

Montie   on 14/02/18 @ 10:31 said:

Thankfully sorted the photo change quite quickly! Just to say that on Saturday night there is an Open Mike Night in the George to keep the fun going! Looking forward to it and thanks for the great response - hoping we might get some of our northern friends down but none yet...

Montie   on 14/02/18 @ 13:45 said:

Jo J welcome and well done on being the first from up north to confirm! Look forward to meeting you

Jo J   on 14/02/18 @ 21:18 said:

Ah mum is still in Sevenoaks...which is where I was 'brung up', so I will combine this lovely invite with a trip home thank you !

Justapussycatreally   on 15/02/18 @ 16:30 said:

Probably Sunday to Mondayfor me. Sounds fab.

Montie   on 15/02/18 @ 17:59 said:

Ah I see Jo J sounds a good plan and great that you can make it Susie

Elderflower   on 20/02/18 @ 7:45 said:

Hi Montie. All depends how the journey home from Cornwall goes on Friday! But realistically I will do same as Ingrid and see you Saturday morning!x

Montie   on 21/02/18 @ 9:37 said:

That would be great - look forward to seeing you! x

Cath   on 06/03/18 @ 13:05 said:

Sadly I will not be able to make this as I have a trip to Sicily shortly after. Too much driving back and forth and not enough time to pack. Very sorry to miss, sounds very relaxed and interesting.

cliffwalking   on 07/03/18 @ 23:23 said:

Yowser! ��

H&B   on 11/03/18 @ 13:20 said:

Hi Montie. Looks like i'm not working that weekend, if i can get someone to look after Simba i will sleep in the van and have a double bed too my self. Know nearer the time.

Bike and Boat   on 17/03/18 @ 8:12 said:

Hi Monte, I 'll have to see a bit closer to the time what my commitments are but this sounds a wonderful weekend. Would a tent in your garden be all right? Cheers Ric

ray9   on 23/04/18 @ 22:42 said:

Monti, sadly can't make it, but will catch up with you guys on the next next adventure

Montie   on 26/04/18 @ 9:52 said:

Tents in the garden welcome Ric and another time Ray and hope you can Doug ��

Aysha   on 26/04/18 @ 21:47 said:

I have just looked on their site and the tickets are ?15.00 per day. Where did you see the tickets for ?10.00 Montie?

Janhk   on 27/04/18 @ 9:15 said:

I also just had a look at tickets on the link and it states that the early bird tickets at ?10 are sold out

cliffwalking   on 27/04/18 @ 14:09 said:

Montie just to confirm - I want to get tenty in you garden!��

Montie   on 27/04/18 @ 22:06 said:

Aysha and Jan see my update at the top and Cliff of course no problem!

catwalker   on 28/04/18 @ 19:28 said:

Thanks for arranging the early bird discount for us late birds Montie. Looking forward to it

Montie   on 29/04/18 @ 10:42 said:

catwalker: No probs a pleasure - hope you are nearing being back to normal? xx

Justapussycatreally   on 01/05/18 @ 22:58 said:

Hi Montie I will prob kip in my estate car but Andy Pandy would like to bring his tent for Sunday night if that’s ok?

Montie   on 02/05/18 @ 9:25 said:

Justapussycatreally: Hi yes that's fine and must mail out all your gang again to check on numbers!

lizzied   on 03/05/18 @ 21:13 said:

Hi Montie. After a long drive back from Cornwall on the Saturday, I’m hoping to join you on the Sunday morning walk and music in the afternoon. Will I be able to buy a ticket for the Sunday only?
Looking forward to seeing you then. Have a great trip to Budapest x

Montie   on 06/05/18 @ 9:07 said:

lizzied: hi Liz yes that will be absolutely fine have a great time in Cornwall and look forward to seeing you xx

Philtheetiler   on 28/05/18 @ 21:49 said:

Montie: OD site access now sorted , so confirming that I will be with you for the weekend arriving Friday late afternoon. Phil

Montie   on 29/05/18 @ 21:41 said:

Philtheetiler: as per chat great that you can now make it. Look forward to catching up

Janhk   on 30/05/18 @ 12:07 said:

I will join you Fri eve, poss Sat eve and all day Sunday. What time do you want us Fri eve and can I bring anything, food or otherwise?

Bike and Boat   on 01/06/18 @ 16:00 said:

Hi Monte, Sorry I cannot make this weekend, which is a shame as it sounds great fun. Cheers Ric

H&B   on 01/06/18 @ 18:06 said:

Ha mate.
Our Jamie will come in and look out for Simba tomorrow night for me, so if it's ok with you I will see you all in the morning. I would like to sleep in the van in the your land!! Can I ask what are the plans for dinner.....See us in the morrow my lord.....

Justapussycatreally   on 04/06/18 @ 7:01 said:

Thanks Montie, great lil festival, thanks for organising and your hospitality.

catwalker   on 04/06/18 @ 16:34 said:

Thanks for putting us all up Montie and for creating a lovely fun filled, relaxing weekend. It really hit the mark!

Montie   on 04/06/18 @ 23:14 said:

Thanks guys you all made it a wonderful weekend! X

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