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Hi Steve,The hunter may just have struck lucky, thanks for everything and bye for now. Best wishes N
Ventoux Nick 

I have meet a lovely lady on Outdoor Duo and really happy, thank you

Good website well structured. Would use again.
Old Mountain Goat 

found my person yipeeeeee

Thank you Outdoor Duo for connecting us back in 2015 ... 3 years on we're now a happily married couple! V&M x

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Yes - definitely: AverageGuy, West waves, Cath, Dale, Rick and Viv's Adventures, Mountain Heather
Yes - maybe: Ben Rinnes, life's an adventure, Tinks
Sorry - can't come: womble, Angie Babe, Sue + Dawgz, Justapussycatreally, Gazelle, DebbieJ, Twotone, Bea ( Pebbles), Highlandsdude, Highpeakman, Jo J, milvus

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Gazelle   on 22/01/18 @ 17:49 said:

Sounds really good, I would certainly be interested staying in the Cottage if you get enough. I love that area, but haven’t been on Arran.

womble   on 22/01/18 @ 18:00 said:

Durn it - Working that week! I'd love to join you so I'll see if I can get someone to do a swap. I'd camp as I'll have my dog (assuming he's welcome) and would have to leave on the Wednesday.

Mountain Heather   on 22/01/18 @ 19:48 said:

Hi Gazelle, I’m really hopeful that we’ll get enough of us to fill the cottage. Arran is going to be new to me as well, but I love that we have to get a ferry there..always feels like the start to a great adventure

Mountain Heather   on 22/01/18 @ 19:50 said:

Hi Womble, even if you can only join us for some of the week, it’ll be great to have you along. You pooch is very welcome - All I ask is that he/she is kept under control around livestock.

Hotlegs   on 22/01/18 @ 22:28 said:

Hi MH. Arran is wonderful. I have been going there every year for the last 10 years and recommend stuff if you want me to for Walking and cycling. Strangely enough I am on the island at the same time staying in Brodick on 17th and 18th with 6 friends who I go Cycling with. We are cycling from Ayr to Ardrossan on 17th ferry over, then cycling around the island on 18th. Then Brodick to Lochranza on 19th to catch ferry to Clanaig and the up Kintyre and across other islands/ferries before heading back to Glasgow to catch train home on Sunday 20th.

Cath   on 23/01/18 @ 6:23 said:

Count me in for the cottage Heather. Scotland in May - perfect. Cath

Dale   on 23/01/18 @ 6:44 said:

This is just right for me. I’m in for the cottage please Heather

Highpeakman   on 23/01/18 @ 11:36 said:

As I told you the other week Heather, you'll absolutely love it, and you've picked the right place at Lochranza, there's several great walks starting from there.
I'm working until Monday 21st, but may come up for a few days Tues/Wed.

Spring   on 23/01/18 @ 11:43 said:

Hi Heather. I’m planning to be in the Highlands early May for a tour about. Maybe I could pop over to Arran on the way back down. I love it there. Did the 3 Beinn Horseshoe last time I visited, it was a lovely day out. Keen to do the witches step

Gazelle   on 23/01/18 @ 17:41 said:

Sorry cannot come after all, such a shame. Been bought tickets for the Harlem globetrotters on the 18th.☹️

Highlandsdude   on 23/01/18 @ 19:34 said:

Mountain Heather: we will be in Glen Shiel the Saturday you head home.. Would have loved this

Rick and Viv's Adventures   on 23/01/18 @ 19:45 said:

Mountain Heather: We would love to join you on the Isle of Arran, we just need to sort out our holidays and will probably be camping with hopefully a new tent

Mountain Heather   on 24/01/18 @ 17:22 said:

Hotlegs, You’re cycle trip sounds fab and I love that having gone there for 10 years, there’s still enough to keep you going back! I may take you up on some ideas for walking and of course, if you fancy popping up to see us, we𠆝 love to meet you

Mountain Heather   on 24/01/18 @ 17:25 said:

Cath & Dale: so pleased you’re coming along for the fun! Would you both still be interested in the cottage if there was just 4 of us, costing ?130.50 each?

Mountain Heather   on 24/01/18 @ 17:28 said:

HPM: Lochranza does look gorgeous - can’t wait to wake up to a sea view! It would be lovely if you were able to join us, even for a few days and enjoy what looks like a fab little island!

Mountain Heather   on 24/01/18 @ 17:31 said:

Spring & tizzy (of course!) : a tour of the highlands in May sounds like great fun and with the bonus of no midges! It would be so nice if you fancied popping over to join us for a few days and explore the island with us x

Mountain Heather   on 24/01/18 @ 17:35 said:

Highlandsdude: darn that was bad planning on my part, would have been great to finally bag some Scottish hills with you and Sarah!

Mountain Heather   on 24/01/18 @ 17:38 said:

R&VA: yay... get those leave requests in and come and join us for some Scottish shenanigans! If you change you mind about camping & fancy the cottage, let me know x

Dale   on 24/01/18 @ 20:03 said:

Yes Heather, I’m still coming cottage for 6 or 4 is fine with me. Have done goat fell before with a little impromptu dip in a beautiful clear pool in the valley on the way down some years ago. Happy memories and ready to make more!!

Dale   on 24/01/18 @ 20:04 said:

That trip was in May too

Mountain Heather   on 24/01/18 @ 21:22 said:

Dale: I might have to get on and book the cottage as there is a mountain festival the first weekend and accomodation is disappearing fast! I𠆝 definitely join you for a wee wild swim - it𠆝 be bracing!!

Dale   on 25/01/18 @ 7:23 said:

That’s fine by me Heather

Bea ( Pebbles)   on 26/01/18 @ 23:34 said:

Awh...Missing a gudn...I deffo would have come...but moving again!!
Have a great time x

Justapussycatreally   on 27/01/18 @ 17:19 said:

I𠆝 like to there a spare room in the cottage or should I grab a place to stay nearby? If so can you let me have a postcode for the cottage you guys are staying in? Ta Susie

Angie Babe   on 28/01/18 @ 18:44 said:

Sounds good. Would be interested in the cottage too. Always wanted to go there. I don't mind going in another cottage if a few of us go.

Rick and Viv's Adventures   on 29/01/18 @ 11:23 said:

Mountain Heather: Hols booked off at work, yay now to book the campsite and ferry. We're sticking to camping as we're hard core as you know. If we survived the Isle of Skye we can survive the Isle of Arran. We're looking at getting a new bigger sturdier tent that can stand up to the Scottish weather.
Arran here we come xx

Mountain Heather   on 29/01/18 @ 17:07 said:

R&VA: woohoo - that’s made me mega happy as I think Kev will be, cos he’ll no longer the only guy on the invite camping in Scotland - youre completely bonkers and far more hardcore than me we’re going to have an awesome time !

Mountain Heather   on 01/02/18 @ 21:03 said:

Mattsmyname: thanks for the heads up. I’ve been made aware that the first weekend is the Arran Mountain Festival as well. Best laid plans and all that!

Justapussycatreally   on 01/02/18 @ 23:05 said:

Hi guys, had to take myself off the list, just can’t make logistics work. Have a great time!

Sue + Dawgz   on 02/02/18 @ 7:39 said:

Really sorry can't make this one as I'm already away with friends till that weekend. I am planning a trip to Scotland in June so may get my finger out and put an invitation out there.

Mountain Heather   on 03/02/18 @ 8:55 said:

Justapussycat: that’s a shame you can’t join us but I understand. Enjoy whatever plans you’ve got and hope to meet you another time x

Mountain Heather   on 03/02/18 @ 9:02 said:

Sue Dawgz: Aww it would have been lovely to see you and Harley and to meet Rohan. Have a lovely time away with your friendsx

Rick and Viv's Adventures   on 03/02/18 @ 17:07 said:

Mountain Heather: Ferry and Campsite now booked, yay We will be arriving a few days earlier on Wednesday 16th May to get some early exploration in. Were both looking forward to seeing you & Kev and the rest of the OD gang there on the Isle of Arran - Scotland in Miniature x

lizzied   on 03/02/18 @ 22:37 said:

Hi Heather and Kev! I𠆝 love to make this work and come up to Arran with you.Perhaps I could combine it with getting up to Skye but I need to sit down and work things out as I’ve got so many plans up in the air at the moment!!!

womble   on 05/02/18 @ 17:40 said:

Mountain Heather: Just sayin' - Some, like me, would be heading South

Mountain Heather   on 06/02/18 @ 17:42 said:

R&VA: wow, you’re well ahead of me! Think I𠆝 better get my skates on and book the ferry. Which day/sailing time did you book?

Mountain Heather   on 06/02/18 @ 17:43 said:

Lizzied: I’m sure with a little planning you could pop over up see us either on your way up or down from Skye, and we𠆝 love you to join us!

Mountain Heather   on 06/02/18 @ 17:46 said:

Heathervalley & Womble: I’ll definitely be doing some coastal walks (want to see Huttons Unconformaty) but I’m more than happy with folk dropping / dropping out as much as they like, and It would also be great if there were different options for folk to choose from throughout the week.

Rick and Viv's Adventures   on 07/02/18 @ 10:10 said:

Mountain Heather: Were booked on the 15:20 ferry on Wednesday the 16th May to get there a few days earlier

Rick and Viv's Adventures   on 08/02/18 @ 16:38 said:

Mountain Heather: Forgot to also mention we'll be with you for 10 days on Arran then we're hopscotching off to Islay for 4 days on the whisky trail

womble   on 11/02/18 @ 6:02 said:

Have decided I'd rather see Arran at a time when it's less busy. Hope you all have a fab time.

Mountain Heather   on 11/02/18 @ 17:27 said:

R&VA: sounds like a very grand tour of Scotland! You may end up with a stowaway

Mountain Heather   on 11/02/18 @ 17:28 said:

Womble: Thats a shame but I understand. Hope to meet you another time

Morningdawn   on 12/02/18 @ 18:40 said:

Arran is fabulous, backpacked around the Island a few years ago. We managed quite well with our Ordanance survey map. So much to see on such a small island. Dont forget a visit to Machrie Moor Standing Stones and the Kings Caves. Just beware if going up over Lake Tanna, keep high as you start as quite boggy and watch out for the adders.
Would love to go back sometime but unable to make this.

Philtheetiler   on 12/02/18 @ 21:07 said:

Heathervalley: Since 2005 Scottish land access rights differ from England as in Scotland everyone has freedom to roam anywhere so footpaths are not always defined on maps . Always advisable to take a compass.

Lazlo Woodbine   on 12/02/18 @ 22:13 said:

Unfortunately (or fortunately) will be in Spain as I'd love to go. Please say hello to my cousin Cicely who lives in Lamlash bay.

Mountain Heather   on 15/02/18 @ 7:05 said:

MorningDawn : From everyone’s really positive comments, I think we’re going to have more than enough to keep us entertained and it all sounds fabulous. Shame you can’t join us, but who knows maybe there’ll be a part2!

Mountain Heather   on 15/02/18 @ 7:07 said:

LazloWoodbine: I’m not sure we’ll have the sunshine of Spain ( but you never know if “Heather will bring the weather”) but I’m sure we’ll have a fab time. We’ll give your cousin a wave as we go by.

Mountain Heather   on 15/02/18 @ 7:10 said:

Heathervalley: I always go to Scotland in either May or September to avoid the wee besties and not really had any problems. I’ll put some more information on later including suggestions for midge repellent. I’ve also heard the coastal path is spectacular so will be aiming to walk some of it whilst we’re there

Dale   on 18/04/18 @ 11:29 said:

Ferry now booked, so looking forward to this !!!

Cath   on 19/04/18 @ 12:55 said:

Booked my ferry just now. The convenient times are filling up fast if anyone is thinking, like me, that you can just roll up.

Mountain Heather   on 20/04/18 @ 7:56 said:

Dale & Cath: glad you’ve got the ferry booked - could have been a bit of a swim otherwise!

Dale   on 24/04/18 @ 17:36 said:

Cal Mac ferries have sorted everything out now regarding my cancelled return sailing... yay! I have had previous with the midges on Arran and am not scared. The ticks are a bit more mischievous, however, the search is easier, and a lot more fun, if you are part af a couple !!

Rick and Viv's Adventures   on 09/05/18 @ 22:00 said:

Mountain Heather: we've now tested our new tent over the May Day bank holiday weekend and now ready to take on Scotland. It's bigger than we thought so hope its not going to be to windy on Arran, we're taking a small tent just in case

I see you have put on the invite about eating out on the last night, please count myself and Viv in for this xx

Mountain Heather   on 11/05/18 @ 5:47 said:

Morning, apologies for not posting sooner - had problems with login.

V&R: glad your tent has stood up to your scrutiny and I’m sure it’ll be just fine on Arran .
I’ve got everything crossed for fab weather
Having a bit of a problem finding a place to eat on the last night - the one I wanted is fully booked all week but I’m sure we can sort something out....might even be BBQ weather!

Rick and Viv's Adventures   on 16/05/18 @ 7:24 said:

We're now on our way to the isle of Arran a couple of days earlier.
We both looking forward to seeing everyone on Friday

Please check your sailing times as Calmac is operating a revised timetable. It's a good idea to subscribe to there text service for up to date information.

See you there

Dale   on 16/05/18 @ 12:52 said:

Thanks for the tip, really really ready for an O D week on Arran, see you all Friday

Mountain Heather   on 16/05/18 @ 18:08 said:

Thanks for tip-off Viv & Rick. Safe journey and make sure you safe some of that lovely sunshine for us. See you Friday xxx

Ally & Dave   on 16/05/18 @ 22:37 said:

We are up in Skye and have had great weather all week and no problems with any yet. Have a great time x

Dale   on 17/05/18 @ 10:56 said:

Thursday meal arrangements sound great

catwalker   on 18/05/18 @ 18:41 said:

Heather & Kev, I hope you have a wonderful trip to Arran and no doubt the walking will be stunning! Enjoy!

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