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What has OutdoorDuo done for me?

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found my person yipeeeeee

Thank you Outdoor Duo for connecting us back in 2015 ... 3 years on we're now a happily married couple! V&M x

I have met somebody to share with.

This has been a great group for friendships and great outdoor experiences as well as for dating. I now have a life partner, and have recommended OD to others who've joined. My heartfelt thanks to you! xx
Rosie. B 

Fab site. Did it's job. Thank you

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Yes - definitely: Ally & Dave, Nigel7, sue c, Snow White
Yes - maybe: Mags17
Sorry - can't come: Lazlo Woodbine

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Ally & Dave   on 23/01/18 @ 23:19 said:

This looks really good. Like a bit of Folk music. Looking at booking camping for a couple of nights at Masons x

going4gold   on 24/01/18 @ 6:59 said:

Excellent Ally and Dave
Tickets are easy to book on line - no numbered seating
Walk flexible to weather - high or low / Long or short
We can book at table at the pub when we are sure of numbers
Optional activities for those who want on Sunday inc great biking ( and runs ) in the area

Snow White   on 04/02/18 @ 17:54 said:

Sue C and I have booked accommodation in village and are looking forward to the weekend and meeting everyone ��

going4gold   on 05/02/18 @ 6:52 said:

Hi Sue
When I booked I grabbed two tickets hoping at least one other punter would join me !
So have one spare
When you book for the two of you just book one ticket and the other can transfer funds for the one I have spare if that is OK
Seats are not numbered
Look forward to meeting you both

going4gold   on 05/02/18 @ 6:54 said:

Two harriers friends are booked for the gig and two are considering it so I have booked a table for 9 at 6
Please let me know if you don’t want to join the meal option

Snow White   on 08/02/18 @ 19:49 said:

Thanks. We will join you for the meal and I'll just buy 1 ticket for the gig.
Juliet x

Nigel7   on 21/02/18 @ 12:57 said:

walk maybe too early for me as coming from Romford so May miss this but will keep you posted on day

Ally & Dave   on 18/03/18 @ 20:05 said:

Meal for us please Mary x

going4gold   on 20/03/18 @ 11:19 said:

Hi all
I will be at. Craven Arms car park Appletreewick at 12 prepared for a walk with boots and maps
Route to decide dependent on weather
Just tons for a quick jar in the pub then while we finalise Plans
Walk to begin at 1 for those pushed for time

LindaB   on 21/03/18 @ 11:34 said:

Will see you at the pub at 12, ready for a walk, meal and gig after. Hoping the weather will be kind!

Ally & Dave   on 21/03/18 @ 19:01 said:

Hi Mary we will meet you at the pub at 6pm. We will not be up until later in the day. Really looking forward to seeing you Super Gran xx

going4gold   on 21/03/18 @ 21:53 said:

Cheers - see you at 6 A and D
Please can others confirm if they are joining walk or arriving later as this of course effects the plans
Perhaps suggest a walk meet at Kettlewell youth hostel as Nigel and I are both staying there Friday night and can therefore access post walk showers and brews

going4gold   on 21/03/18 @ 22:11 said:

Forecast not great but fingers crossed - things can change

going4gold   on 22/03/18 @ 22:37 said:

Hi Linda
Sorry about the late change
Could we walk from Kettlewell yha at 1-00 to fit in with Pam and Tony who are joining
I am staying there so gives access to brew and changing after walk
Hope this is ok
Please text to confirm
See you then

sue c   on 23/03/18 @ 16:43 said:

Hi, sue c and Snow White are here we're saying at. New inn is meal booked for 6 and is it ok if I have Mary's ticket

going4gold   on 23/03/18 @ 17:15 said:

Yes to both
See you soon
At Kettlewell hostel just about to get showered

Nigel7   on 25/03/18 @ 14:46 said:

Thanks Mary worth the 4.5 hour drive. Good walk great bike even if I pushed uphill a dozen or more times.
Got lucky today as well great weather.

going4gold   on 25/03/18 @ 22:08 said:

Thanks to all for joining the invite
Great food at the C arms and a good night
Lovely to be out on the bike again and hacking in sunshine on the horses today was a bonus

Snow White   on 30/03/18 @ 16:48 said:

Thanks for organising the weekend Mary, nice to meet everyone. Sue and Juliet x

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