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What has OutdoorDuo done for me?

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Thank you Outdoor Duo for connecting us back in 2015 ... 3 years on we're now a happily married couple! V&M x

I have met somebody to share with.

This has been a great group for friendships and great outdoor experiences as well as for dating. I now have a life partner, and have recommended OD to others who've joined. My heartfelt thanks to you! xx
Rosie. B 

Fab site. Did it's job. Thank you

Met a lovely man and moved country. Hope this site does well for others and have recommended it to several people.

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Interest so far

Yes - definitely: clearbluesky, Carpe Diem!, Happy Gal, jo_jo, Lazlo Woodbine, Maz, Fiddle, Alvina
Yes - maybe: Cazzer, Joyful1
Sorry - can't come: Ben Rinnes, Glyn2, Bea ( Pebbles), DebbieJ

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ruth   on 06/01/18 @ 18:40 said:

Its on my to do list for this year

DebbieJ   on 06/01/18 @ 20:31 said:

Aww sorry Jo I can't make this date but it's something I'm really keen to see too x

jo_jo   on 06/01/18 @ 21:58 said:

Ruth: Hope you make this one then Ruth. Would be good to see you again ��
DebbieJ: Shame you can't make it Debbie but we'll catch up soon ��

Cazzer  on 07/01/18 @ 17:21 said:

Daughter lives and works in Liverpool so may make this an overnighter.

ruth   on 07/01/18 @ 18:13 said:

Sorry Jo I cant make this date either

Carpe Diem!   on 08/01/18 @ 12:18 said:

Yes yes Yes! Thanks Jo

jo_jo   on 08/01/18 @ 15:20 said:

Cazzer: Hope you make it - will be good to meet you again. ��

jo_jo   on 08/01/18 @ 15:21 said:

Carpe Diem!: glad you can make this one Jonathan ��

Lazlo Woodbine   on 12/01/18 @ 11:34 said:

Why not I haven't been to the poo in a few years. Actually the Terracotta army had nothing to do with the emporer, it was an ancient Chinese garden centre they found. Had they dug further they would have found a caf? full of old people.

Lazlo Woodbine   on 12/01/18 @ 12:23 said:

Emporer? Emperor. Where did that come from?

jo_jo   on 12/01/18 @ 17:51 said:

Glad you are able to come along Dougie... no footie this weekend? If everyone is okay with the meeting time of 10:30 at Lime St then I will book the Museum tickets for 11am

Carpe Diem!   on 13/01/18 @ 21:58 said:

jo_jo: times sound great! Thanks Jo

Happy Gal   on 18/01/18 @ 20:46 said:

Hi Jojo, would love to go, thanks. Do I pay you or at the museum? Cheers.

Maz   on 18/01/18 @ 23:12 said:

I would love to see these. Will message you Jo re tickets etc

jo_jo   on 19/01/18 @ 18:02 said:

Happy Gal: Maz: As I have already booked our 4 tickets for this, could you book your own ticket for 2nd March at 11am and let me know when you have done this. Thanks and look forward to seeing you both.

Joyful1   on 20/01/18 @ 15:50 said:

I would love this just have to check work calendar

Happy Gal   on 20/01/18 @ 21:05 said:

Hi Jo-jo have just booked my ticket. See you Lime St at 10.30am

jo_jo   on 21/01/18 @ 21:08 said:

Happy Gal: That's great, look forward to seeing you again.

clearbluesky   on 21/01/18 @ 22:19 said:

Hi Jo. Would love to come along to this with you all. I'll book my own ticket now and will confirm to you x

clearbluesky   on 21/01/18 @ 22:24 said:

All booked Jo! Look forward to seeing you on 2nd March, if I don't see you on a walk before then x

jo_jo   on 22/01/18 @ 18:20 said:

Clearbluesky: That's great Lesley. Look forward to seeing you again ��

Alvina   on 24/01/18 @ 22:07 said:

Hello - I have managed to free up the day and I have bought a ticket for 11am on the 2nd. I don't know may of you that are going so if you can give some more details on meeting place I would be grateful. Thanks Alvina

Fiddle   on 25/01/18 @ 1:13 said:

Would love to see this but need to see if I can escape work that day! Think I know you Alvina!!!��

jo_jo   on 25/01/18 @ 17:56 said:

Alvina: That's good Alvina... don't worry, we will look out for you.

jo_jo   on 25/01/18 @ 18:03 said:

Fiddle: That's fine, just let me know

Lazlo Woodbine   on 25/01/18 @ 22:48 said:

Just saw this advertised in our local travel agents, for a mere 170 pounds!

jo_jo   on 26/01/18 @ 17:09 said:

What?? Do you mean the exhibition?

Lazlo Woodbine   on 26/01/18 @ 20:18 said:

No the coach trip, entry to the exhibition and one night in a hotel. Still sounds a rip off. Costing me going on the train only around ?40 in total.

Alvina   on 26/01/18 @ 22:51 said:

jo_jo: Thank you!

Fiddle   on 27/01/18 @ 11:12 said:

Hi there- I see this is saying 'now full'. As a maybe does this mean Im not on the list- struggling to make contact with boss to arrange time off!!

jo_jo   on 27/01/18 @ 17:12 said:

Fiddle: That's okay I have allowed for you since you had already stated an interest. But as the group was getting rather large, I have closed it off for new enquiries.

Ruby Walls   on 27/01/18 @ 17:49 said:

So there's no chance of a late entery then?

jo_jo   on 27/01/18 @ 23:49 said:

For you chance..Go on then I'll put you on the waiting list. ��

Fiddle   on 28/01/18 @ 11:21 said:

Great thanks! Hopefully I can catch up with my boss about a day off when I see her on Tuesday so will let you know asap after then!

Fiddle   on 04/02/18 @ 8:15 said:

Hi! Have got the time off work so look forward to meeting you there!!

jo_jo   on 04/02/18 @ 17:10 said:

Fiddle: That's great...look forward to meeting you. Don't forget to buy your ticket online for 11am.

Maz   on 06/02/18 @ 22:27 said:

Apologies, forgot to book my ticket and now the 11am slot is sold out. Need to travel up North that day too so will go again on another day.

jo_jo   on 07/02/18 @ 8:29 said:

That's a shame Maz. The tickets must be selling out fast. Enjoy your trip up north �� Hope to see you soon ��

Fiddle   on 11/02/18 @ 12:29 said:

Of course I hadn't got my ticket either but as I cant envisage going to this at another time I have booked a 10am ticket & will hope there may have been a return- or walk VERY slowly round & hopefully be able to join you! If not Ill join you for lunch, or Beatles museum or whatever afterwards. Serves me right for procrastinating!!!

jo_jo   on 11/02/18 @ 17:24 said:

Fiddle: That's great, I'm sure we can catch you later if you take just a bit longer to get around. I will post my mobile number so we can contact each other on the day.

Alvina   on 25/02/18 @ 7:08 said:

Hello I am catching the train down from Cumbria. I should arrive at Lime Street at 9.26. So even allowing for delays, plenty of time to meet you all.


Lazlo Woodbine   on 26/02/18 @ 11:41 said:

Bit concerned about trains being cancelled, delayed. Fingers crossed.

jo_jo   on 01/03/18 @ 9:22 said:

I hope everyone can get to Liverpool safely by rail. I know there may be some disruptions due to snow, so any delays or problems please call me on the number above in the Members section.

Happy Gal   on 01/03/18 @ 15:46 said:

Hi Jo-Jo, hope to be there but only if no delays etc on train as got to be back after seeing exhibition. Cheers!! Will text you either way.

Happy Gal   on 01/03/18 @ 15:53 said:

Weather Warning

Due to adverse weather conditions in the region, a reduced train service will run on the Merseyrail network on Friday 2 March. For full timetable information visit

LATEST NEWS re trains.

clearbluesky   on 01/03/18 @ 19:15 said:

Thanks for heads up about Merseyrail, Happy Gal. I'm only travelling from Chester and trains running every half hour...or so they're saying at the moment. Hope everybody can make it and has a safe journey!

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