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Hi Steve,The hunter may just have struck lucky, thanks for everything and bye for now. Best wishes N
Ventoux Nick 

I have met a lovely lady on Outdoor Duo and really happy, thank you

Good website well structured. Would use again.
Old Mountain Goat 

found my person yipeeeeee

Thank you Outdoor Duo for connecting us back in 2015 ... 3 years on we're now a happily married couple! V&M x

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Interest so far

Yes - definitely: True Blue, Indiana Jane, Ridgewalker, iansmyname.....orisitjohn?, Jo J, Kate H, Jules963
Yes - maybe: Outdoor Bloke, Sel, R1chard
Sorry - can't come: CambsMia, martinw, Head for the Hills, Carpe Diem!, jem1000, Cazzer, Rachael 234, mountainsnmusic, Shropshire bloke, Strider, mirador

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Indiana Jane   on 04/01/18 @ 17:44 said:

It's ages since I've been walking in that area so I'll definitely join you. I lived in Clun for a couple of years and have an affection for the area.

Shropshire bloke   on 04/01/18 @ 18:35 said:

Nice to see one of my local walks on here.....I'll be there barring other commitments. It's definitely dog friendly.

Outdoor Bloke   on 04/01/18 @ 19:03 said:

I run this route regularly but am happy to walk it with people it's a different experience then! As far as I'm aware all gates open for dogs

True Blue   on 04/01/18 @ 21:04 said:

I’ll tag along..! x

CambsMia   on 05/01/18 @ 7:58 said:

Sounds very appealing. I'm going to look into making this a long weekend that takes in Snowdon or Tryfan...

iansmyname.....orisitjohn?   on 05/01/18 @ 11:46 said:

Wow! It's nice to see a lot of interest for this walk. Hope all the maybe's can make it too. I can't make a walk Sunday but there are masses of options in Shropshire and nearby Wales for anyone wanting to make a weekend of it. I can suggest a few areas and walks if it's of any help.
Any suggestions from anyone for a good local pub for a drink after would be appreciated. Glad you can make it Jane and really happy you can make it too TB x

Ridgewalker   on 05/01/18 @ 16:55 said:

I did an MTB event on these hills a couple of years ago and vowed to return on 2 legs, so if i can fit this in to a very busy week end then i will ;-) any idea of approx finish time Ian as i have a concert to go to in Brecon at 19:30. and would like to do both.

martinw   on 05/01/18 @ 18:34 said:

Sorry. Double booked. Hope to meet you all soon. Martin.

iansmyname.....orisitjohn?   on 05/01/18 @ 18:52 said:

Ridgewalker: Hi Paul. It would be great if you can make it. I would estimate no longer than 5 to 6 hours in total. So approximate finish time 4 o clock........ish
martinw: No worries Martin. Next time maybe
CambsMia: It's a great walk for getting the blood flowing and will set you up nicely if you do decide on an ascent of Snowdon or Tryfan the next day

Ridgewalker   on 06/01/18 @ 12:20 said:

Sounds good to me Ian, i may get time for a quick one before heading back south and chillaxing to some great musical moments

Sel   on 06/01/18 @ 15:43 said:

Hi - my brother lives in Church Stretton so would be free accommodation on this one! Have done the Longmynd Hike a few times, lovely area! Hope to make it.

iansmyname.....orisitjohn?   on 07/01/18 @ 19:43 said:

Ridgewalker: Nice one Paul. I'll do my best to locate a good pub close to the start/finish line
Sel: Your brother is a lucky man and you too for free digs . Caer Caradoc circuit is a different route to the Long Myndd, but no less a spectacle.

Carpe Diem!   on 08/01/18 @ 17:13 said:

Sounds wonderful but clashes with our OD ski holiday! Hope it goes well Ian ... J

Carpe Diem!   on 08/01/18 @ 17:17 said:

iansmyname.....orisitjohn?: just realised it's a possibility as we don't fly until Sunday! J

mirador   on 08/01/18 @ 17:58 said:

I would normally turn out for a walk in this area but unfortunately the date clashes with Di's Madeira trip this time!

iansmyname.....orisitjohn?   on 09/01/18 @ 17:44 said:

Carpe Diem!: Be great to see you there Jonathan. If you can make it
mirador: Shame you can't make it......., but this is a regular walk of mine in one form or another. So it will probably be on again in the warmer months, but maybe with an extra hill or two thrown in

Head for the Hills   on 12/01/18 @ 9:06 said:

Would have definitely come on this one, Ian, but I'm in Madeira. One of my favourite walking areas too, although Ive not been over that way for ages. Hope you post another one

iansmyname.....orisitjohn?   on 14/01/18 @ 19:29 said:

Head for the Hills: No worries June. I'm not in the slightest bit envious you will be sunning yourselves in Madeira

Jo J   on 22/01/18 @ 20:13 said:

Thank you for putting this on, great area to explore, looking forward to it! I am kipping at YHA Wilderhope that weekend as I need to recce some routes from there on the Sunday - glad of any local reccomendations for the Wreakin please.

Jo J   on 23/01/18 @ 19:35 said:

Ooops.. not Wrekin (spelling not a strong point...)...Wenlock Edge...and now my daughter is joining the walking so I hope that is worries if not

iansmyname.....orisitjohn?   on 25/01/18 @ 12:00 said:

Jo J: No problem. You're welcome to bring your daughter along. Hopefully the weather will play ball.

CambsMia   on 29/01/18 @ 8:57 said:

Hi Ian, or possibly John, and everyone else. I was really keen on this walk and had made plans, but have injured a hamstring. I'll be back on walks in a few months. Looking forward to more invitations like this one, it just sounds lovely!

iansmyname.....orisitjohn?   on 29/01/18 @ 10:25 said:

CambsMia: Ouch! . That's a shame. I've pulled my hamstring quite badly in the past. Good luck with the recovery and may re-run a slightly longer version of this come summer time

H&B   on 25/02/18 @ 11:46 said:

Sorry mate just googled map it and 3 and a half hours drive is a bit to far. Have a good day.

iansmyname.....orisitjohn?   on 25/02/18 @ 21:02 said:

H&B: No probs. Doug. It's a long way for you to come, but thanks for considering it. p.s. Sorry England lost . I had a feeling Scotland were going to win. Should have put a bet on it.......

jem1000   on 04/03/18 @ 21:05 said:

Sorry Ian, disappointed not to be able to make this as have too much going on. Have a great day

Jules963   on 06/03/18 @ 21:26 said:

Hi Ian, just sorted some accommodation so will definitely join you

iansmyname.....orisitjohn?   on 08/03/18 @ 12:47 said:

jem1000: no problem. Thanks for letting me know.
Jules963: Hi. Excellent. See you Saturday

mountainsnmusic   on 08/03/18 @ 13:17 said:

I've changed to a maybe as I've had stabbing earache on and off since Tuesday so will see how I am tomorrow before re-committing or dropping out

iansmyname.....orisitjohn?   on 08/03/18 @ 19:39 said:

mountainsnmusic: Ok no worries. Hope you feel better soon

Indiana Jane   on 09/03/18 @ 20:05 said:

I'm in Clun drinking beer. Looking forward to tomorrow.

mountainsnmusic   on 09/03/18 @ 20:46 said:

Have a great time, I'm feeling better but won't risk it, go for a mini Malverns meander instead

iansmyname.....orisitjohn?   on 09/03/18 @ 21:58 said:

Great stuff. See you all tomorrow

catwalker   on 09/03/18 @ 22:33 said:

Have a fabulous weekend and hope to make the next one

Ridgewalker   on 11/03/18 @ 17:00 said:

Thank you everyone for a great day really enjoyed it and a great walk put on by Ian

iansmyname.....orisitjohn?   on 11/03/18 @ 19:50 said:

catwalker: Thanks Catherine. We will have to do an OD Shropshire weekend in the summer. Hmmm I have some ideas. Watch this space....

iansmyname.....orisitjohn?   on 11/03/18 @ 19:56 said:

Ridgewalker: Hi Paul. So glad you enjoyed it and it was a pleasure to share one of my favoutite localish walking areas with you all. The highlight of the day for mewas we had views on Caer Caradoc. Also we 11 started together and we 11 finished together. Happy bunny

Jo J   on 11/03/18 @ 20:06 said:

iansmyname.....orisitjohn?: really brilliant route, fabulous Dragon back up and over. Many thanks for encouraging us all and being such a good leader, very much appreciated! Good to meet you - and catch up with others too

iansmyname.....orisitjohn?   on 11/03/18 @ 20:35 said:

Jo J: Awww thank you so much, but the pleasure was all mine. It's such a great route and it was an absolute privilege to share it with you all. The adventures won't stop here

True Blue   on 12/03/18 @ 23:42 said:

A great walk Ian x, and beautiful views. Perfect training for our next adventure in a couple of weeks.

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