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Hi Steve,The hunter may just have struck lucky, thanks for everything and bye for now. Best wishes N
Ventoux Nick 

I have met a lovely lady on Outdoor Duo and really happy, thank you

Good website well structured. Would use again.
Old Mountain Goat 

found my person yipeeeeee

Thank you Outdoor Duo for connecting us back in 2015 ... 3 years on we're now a happily married couple! V&M x

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Interest so far

Yes - definitely: Chris50, Janhk, SeeTheWorld, Kate H, Philtheetiler, lizzied
Yes - maybe: TC
Sorry - can't come: catwalker, Sel, Robin-Boywonder, Justapussycatreally, Montie

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iansmyname.....orisitjohn?   on 01/01/18 @ 16:52 said:

Hi Liz. I'm really sorry but this falls on the mystery week away that I can't mention anything about . If it goes well and you are so inclined to do it again at a later date.....or even part of it?
A return to Canterbury would be lovely. Hope you get lots of people signing up and you have a great time

Justapussycatreally   on 01/01/18 @ 17:32 said:

Hi Lizzie, I’ll probably join you for the Saturday and Sunday. Hope not too early starting as I will probably start from/go home to Greenwich in the evening.

Janhk   on 01/01/18 @ 17:39 said:

I'd also hope to join you but probably only for the weekend as on the Majorca trip til Weds.

catwalker   on 01/01/18 @ 18:29 said:

What a lovely invite Liz!

lizzied   on 01/01/18 @ 21:49 said:

Thanks for the positive comments girls and hope you can make it, but sorry you can’t come Ian and Michele.x

Justapussycatreally   on 02/01/18 @ 3:27 said:

Quick question Liz....assuming we leave cars at the start point each day is it a train ride back or we share cabs or......?

Sel   on 02/01/18 @ 15:18 said:

Hi Lizzied - would be interested in doing the whole challenge - would book B&Bs for each night - maybe leave car at Lenham and get back from Pegwell Bay Monday 5th. Would that fit in?

lizzied   on 02/01/18 @ 16:58 said:

Ok - it’ll involve some trains and some car shuttling- however my plan would be to do it all based in Canterbury. So lovely to hear you’re keen to do the whole thing Sally and that you’re keen to do at least some too Susie!!
I’ll be booking Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the youth hostel.
We’ll have to start fairly early on Thursday in Lenham because of the distance, so depending on numbers , one car would need to be in Wye to shuttle back to Lenham at the end, and of course another car to take that driver to the start! Final details will have to wait until numbers are confirmed but believe me after planning 8 legs of the North Downs Way, I’m an expert!!

lizzied   on 02/01/18 @ 17:03 said:

Friday’s leg can be done by catching an early train to Wye and walking back to Canterbury.
Saturday and Sunday, yet to be confirmed as I haven’t looked at public transport. I𠆝 like to do this walk in one direction, following the course of the river so it will probably involve a bit of car shuttling.
Don’t forget to let me know who𠆝 like to come to the film on Saturday night.

TC   on 02/01/18 @ 19:20 said:

Hi Lizzie I'm hoping to do Thursday, Friday and maybe Saturday. I won't join you for Banff as I'll have already seen both programmes. Just got to check if I can get Thursday off work.

lizzied   on 02/01/18 @ 20:46 said:

That’s great to hear Tina!! Ironically I’ll have seen the red programme in TWells already as I’m now a volunteer with Banff too! Thanks to your example!x

TC   on 02/01/18 @ 21:36 said:

We'll have matching buffs then x

lizzied   on 04/01/18 @ 16:30 said:


TC   on 04/01/18 @ 17:30 said:

Liz I've just had a look at YHA site and no female beds at Canterbury on the Thursday or Saturday, only Friday.....

lizzied   on 04/01/18 @ 22:39 said:

Thanks for that Tina! I need to re-think dates. Previous weekend also unavailable, so going for 12-15th April

TC   on 05/01/18 @ 9:23 said:

Will have to change my day off. But only accommodation on the Thursday is a luxury 5 bed log cabin!

lizzied   on 05/01/18 @ 11:32 said:

Yes I know!! I can get the pod for 3 nights for ?357 (less members discount) but I𠆝 need a definite from 4 other people before I’m going to fork out that much!

Justapussycatreally   on 05/01/18 @ 13:29 said:

Sorry Lizzie can’t do the new dates, shame. Susie

Philtheetiler   on 05/01/18 @ 15:41 said:

lizzied: I will be there
P. S. is the pod a mixed dorm and do you need money now ? Phil

catwalker   on 05/01/18 @ 17:40 said:

Pending leave approval

TC   on 05/01/18 @ 18:55 said:

Sadly, have discovered the new dates don't work for me after all. Leaving myself as a hopeful maybe just in case things change again...

lizzied   on 05/01/18 @ 19:22 said:

Ok- after much deliberation, I’m booking the pod for Chris 50, Phil, Kate, Catherine and me!!
There is however availability in the men’s dorm for the three nights so if another couple of girls (Jan? Sel?) upgrade to definites, would you two chaps be prepared to book the dorm please? And any other chaps?

Sel   on 06/01/18 @ 15:49 said:

Sorry can't make that date - doing the Ridgeway. Have fun!

Kate H   on 06/01/18 @ 17:54 said:

I would be a yes if I can pod with the girls...

Philtheetiler   on 07/01/18 @ 10:53 said:

lizzied: Booked into male dorm @ YH so my space in pod now available for Kate. ��

Kate H   on 07/01/18 @ 13:45 said:


Philtheetiler   on 15/01/18 @ 6:40 said:

lizzied: hi Liz, I received an email from OD yesterday saying there were changes to this invitation but I cannot see what they are ! Lots of updates but I don't think any of them are new so a bit lost now. Phil

lizzied   on 15/01/18 @ 23:35 said:

Sorry Phil! The latest update was just to confirm that we’re staying at YH on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights not, as Jan spotted that I𠆝 put at one point, on the Sunday. I got confused myself and it’s my invite!!! Looking forward to seeing you x

catwalker   on 20/03/18 @ 11:38 said:

Sadly I have an injury and so I'm unable to attend this lovely 4 day long walking weekend. Please private message me asap if you wish to join the weekend and stay in a pod with other OD females and I will arrange for the booking to be amended to include your name.
Cat x

Janhk   on 06/04/18 @ 17:55 said:

Probably won't do the Thurs Liz given the mileage so may just join you in Canterbury later.

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