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Hi Steve,The hunter may just have struck lucky, thanks for everything and bye for now. Best wishes N
Ventoux Nick 

I have met a lovely lady on Outdoor Duo and really happy, thank you

Good website well structured. Would use again.
Old Mountain Goat 

found my person yipeeeeee

Thank you Outdoor Duo for connecting us back in 2015 ... 3 years on we're now a happily married couple! V&M x

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Yes - definitely: Thea, Lazlo Woodbine, Jo1, Camino Queen, Maz, Loran, Hill and Dale (Helen)
Yes - maybe: Peregrina, Janhk, lizzied, Cattermole, Wiggy
Sorry - can't come: Ridgewalker, Rourky, Chris50, Cazzer

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Lazlo Woodbine   on 19/12/17 @ 17:25 said:

I was looking at this myself by some strange coincidence. No mossies in Iceland so the only northern place worth a visit in summer. Hotels are a bit expensive but hostels are reasonable if you want to rough it.

Cathy (and David )   on 20/12/17 @ 10:38 said:

So many amazing places to visit. I went for a week in August and had good weather. Vatnajokull glacier in East, Snaefellness peninsula, Skojafoss, Jokulsarlon. Suggest hiring a 4 wheel drive to get to best places for wild walks. There's a good bed and breakfast/homestay network for cheaper and friendlier accomodation.

Janhk   on 20/12/17 @ 14:21 said:

Somewhere I've always wanted to visit. Interested if timing and cost fits.

Camino Queen   on 20/12/17 @ 17:41 said:

Thanks that is great so much information already. Ok Lazio Woodbine glad you are keen. I will be looking at hotels as I think we save on great flight deals in August and I can't do dormitory sleeping I'm afraid. I'll look at options and like info re wild walks. I'll be putting up more information once we get back from our Lisbon Escape unless I get some hotel information tonight

Camino Queen   on 23/12/17 @ 1:09 said:

Hi yes don't worry Shorty keep your eyes on numbers....thanks Lazio can help with cooking ha. By the way our appartment is an igloo

Camino Queen   on 02/01/18 @ 9:52 said:

HI now I'm back from sunny Lisbon escaping Christmas I'm going to be working on this tour so please watch for more information Thanks Di

Peregrina   on 08/01/18 @ 14:36 said:

I'm really interested in this as its one of my top must do destinations. However not sure I'll have enough holiday days to spare so just a maybe at the moment. Doubtful if you'll see northern lights in the summer. They are usually to be seen during the late autumn and winter months, and into spring. But still looks worth doing for the amazing scenery and hiking.

Camino Queen   on 08/01/18 @ 22:25 said:

Thanks Peregrina and yes totally re the Northern Lights. I am speaking to two specialised local guides in Iceland via email to discuss some of the ideas you all have offered and their ideas. We will have our own guide who drives a minibus with our own accomodation. As soon as quotes for volcanic and glacier walks, caving and other exciting adventures come through I can put a draft agena. Ok we do the lagoons and golden circle but we are WALKERS SERIOUS! Hey Di

Camino Queen   on 23/01/18 @ 21:14 said:

HI UPDATE AS PROMISED. I have changed the accomodation as I feel it is better to be in a guest house in the centre of Reykjav?k.
Me and Dougie have booked our flights from Luton at the price of ?83 basic. However I have booked an additional ?9 fee each way for a light hand bag on board - a medium sized backpack to fit under seat infront. You need to go to Skyscanner and book with Wizz Air. It is a bit of an old dodger site so be patient.
I have a guest house booking with a studio with 4 beds, a triple room and another four bedroomed room.
This will be a fabulous base for us with great reviews for its location. So contact me now at ..cont below

Camino Queen   on 23/01/18 @ 21:20 said:

To grab one of the last 9 places. Obviously men & Ladies separate. DO NOT BOOK FLIGHT UNTIL CONTACTED ME. Thanks
Cost is ?500 per person to inc accomodation and 2 guided hiking tours which I believe are vital to ensure we visit true Icelandic walking areas. Sorry accomodation is not cheap nor tours.
Any additional tours eg blue lagoon, golden circle, whale spotting will be optional and extra by Icelandic or Reykjavk tours offering good prices. We will also navigate a couple of local walks ourselves.
Airport transfer inc by shuttle
No meals but you can buy your own as we have a shared kitchen. We will try to find local restaurants for value dinners and of course vino

Camino Queen   on 23/01/18 @ 21:35 said:

I am not setting up a face book page called Icelandic Iglooers which you will be invited to if you contact me and book. Don't hesitate please as flights will go up and don't lose your space for this great trip...Thanks for all your kind support on my tours Di xx

Camino Queen   on 24/01/18 @ 23:41 said:

HI a couple of people have said there is an EasyJet Manchester flight arriving at a similar time to the Whizzair flight.
That's great as we can have a cuppa waiting for you so we can all travel to the hotel together. Thanks Marion for offering that and she will be putting up the flight tomorrow..Please let me know you want to come prior to booking flights

Maz   on 25/01/18 @ 4:46 said:

Today has arrived early, as couldn't sleep.
I have booked Easy jet Manchester to Reykjavik 19/08 dep 06.30 return 26/08 dep 09.00 for ?124.23. As Di says close enough to the flights from Luton timewise to make meeting up easy.

Camino Queen   on 25/01/18 @ 19:13 said:

Brill Maz excitement already! That is fabulous news and another lady just messaged to say she is a deffo so we are on our way to Igloo land
I will put up a fb page tomorrow night and invite you
Just emailed you thanks so much for coming along

Camino Queen   on 25/01/18 @ 19:33 said:

Brill just messaged you and invited to fb page called Icelandic Iglooers. You need to be booked to join as closed private group. Thanks Di

Ridgewalker   on 28/01/18 @ 17:34 said:

If i can get inside a Glacier to hear it breathing then i shall be very interested, will need to consult my planner for the year ahead along with its funding

Camino Queen   on 28/01/18 @ 20:58 said:

Hi Ridgewalker I'll look into it....any specific one?

Camino Queen   on 29/01/18 @ 9:17 said:

Hi ok so 4 deffos now can you please put yourself down as a definite if you have booked your flight, Also I need ?100 deposit once I have your booking forms thanks to secure your space. Please email me at
Thanks and working on guided tours

Thea   on 29/01/18 @ 9:29 said:

Excited to be going to Iceland

Camino Queen   on 30/01/18 @ 21:54 said:

Yes great to have you on board Thea. Just to let any 'maybes' know that flight prices are already up to ?144 from Luton and ?136 from Manchester. Either flights work if you get same as Maz. Awaiting tour info from guides but will be a great adventure be assured.

Camino Queen   on 30/01/18 @ 22:18 said:

Ok so our first inc tour will include a hike up Hekla, one of Iceland's most active volcanoes. With a long history of dangerous eruptions, this volcano was long considered as a 'gateway to hell'. This tour will be guided and medium stamina with a good route.

Camino Queen   on 30/01/18 @ 22:27 said:

Plus lots of walks around Reykjav?k. From the hotel we can stay local to enjoy the nature! The city's wooded leisure areas offer peaceful walks and hiking in Reykjav?k, such as ?skjuhlid and Ellida?rdalur, a valley in the east of the city. A stone’s throw from the city is the extensive Heidm?rk nature reserve, with its splendid volcanic landscape, woods and spectacular views. Another lovely spot, offshore and just minutes away by ferry from Reykjav?k is Videy Island.

The Reykjav?k City Card grants you a ferry ticket to Vi?ey, along with an all-access pass to museums and thermal pools within the city.

More to follow!!!

Camino Queen   on 30/01/18 @ 22:49 said:

Optional Tours we can book before we go include for Ridgewalker
Explore the highlights of the south of Iceland on a 14-hour sightseeing tour from Reykjavik. Travel along the impressive southern coast to the Glacier Lagoon at J?kuls?rl?n. Marvel at the waterfalls of Seljalandsfoss and Sk?gafoss, and much more... breathe that Glacier Paul! But these tours are extra and this particular one is about ?100..others are about ?40 so you can choose and budget - Perhaps for a choice of 2 as that should fill the agenda.

Camino Queen   on 30/01/18 @ 22:52 said:

Sorry if it looks like I'm typing in code. It reads ok until I save it then something goes amiss on this site...I hope it all makes sense

Camino Queen   on 11/04/18 @ 9:18 said:

Hi one of our guest Dot (alias Theo on OD) has kindly offered this.."I’m planning to book the Saturday night at a hotel to include my car parking. As it’s the same cost for a twin room whether there’s one or two people in it was wondering whether any lady would like to share. The booking would only include parking for one car. It’s Hilton Garden Inn, 10 mins from airport. Please put a comment here or on the FB Icelandic Iglooers page if interested. Thanks Di

Ridgewalker   on 17/04/18 @ 14:16 said:

Checking to see if i can get the time off

Camino Queen   on 17/04/18 @ 18:13 said:

HI Ridgewalker - that is great news to return from Ross on Wye to.
I have everything crossed as it is always fabulous to have you join glacier diving

We have another lady interested too and I will put more information on after Majorca....

Camino Queen   on 01/05/18 @ 8:29 said:

Hi if you have put as a definite to come on the reccie please contact me to ensure I have your ?100 deposit plus I need a booking form completed. Also then book your flights and I can offer guidance where we will be meeting both in the UK and in Iceland. Contact Thanks

Camino Queen   on 10/05/18 @ 18:30 said:

OK so if you are undecided here is the two inclusive tours just to be finalised...
Tour 1 (South Coast: Fire and Ice) we start the day by heading out of Reykjavik and make our first stop at the LAVA Centre, a volcano exhibition which does a great job of explaining the geology and volcanoes of Iceland in a very interactive way. A great intro to some of the stuff we will see over the day. Then it is onto the glacier hike. We hike around 4kms in total, with around 1.5 hours spent on the ice. We will hike up past crevasses, moulins and towers of ice as we explore the glacier. The valley walk to the glacier is also pretty spectacular. With time taken to get ready, Walk to the glacier cont....

Camino Queen   on 10/05/18 @ 18:32 said:

and time on ice we will be at Solheimaj?kull for about 3 hours. Then we drive east to Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach, where we can walk along the beach and take in the views and amazing coastal scenery. The basalt columns and sea stacks are always impressive. We also have lunch here at the restaurant. Then it is back toward the waterfalls. Skogafoss is so powerful and allows for some walking around there too, being able to hike up to cont

Camino Queen   on 10/05/18 @ 18:33 said:

to hike up to the top for a great view. Then it is on to Seljalandsfoss waterfall where you can walk behind the waterfall. Again this is amazing, besides getting a bit wet

Camino Queen   on 10/05/18 @ 18:33 said:

Tour 2 Hellisheidi hiking this is definitely fairly customisable to your group. There are a number of hiking trails up there, which range from a whole day (around 20 kms) to some shorter hikes. The landscape is pretty varied, with lava fields, mountains and geothermal areas with steam and hot water bubbling to the surface. How much hiking would your group like to do?
We can make this really quite customisable to you. We can even organise it that we would get dropped off at Hengill / Heelisheidi and hike over toward Nesjavellir and Thingvellir, and get picked up from there. This would be a full day of hiking.

Camino Queen   on 10/05/18 @ 18:34 said:

SAFETY: You would wear your hiking boots to the front of the glacier and then we would put on the crampons. We provide crampons, harness, helmets and ice axes. It’s all just safety precautions. Crampons are necessary though. Ice is too slippery without them. Not as slippery in summer but still too slippery to not wear them. CAN YOU MISS THIS

Camino Queen   on 21/05/18 @ 13:15 said:

Welcome on board Steve..great to have you with us. Need big strong men to carry beer and gin from duty free

Hill and Dale (Helen)   on 25/07/18 @ 17:55 said:

Hi Di
The Fire and Ice tour sounds great. Are you still also planning to go to Hekla?
Will you send/post an itinerary once it's finalised?

Camino Queen   on 25/07/18 @ 21:28 said:

HI Hill and Dale yes sorry I did email everyone so maybe it went in your spam.
As it is a reccie there is no exact itinerary yet BUT the fire and ice tour is booked
They won't allow us to do Hekla as per email due to the fact it is live and they feel dangerous at moment
I'll re send the email and up to date draft itinerary now

Camino Queen   on 28/07/18 @ 7:51 said:

HI Meet up times and places at airport to be put on face book shortly and let me know if you don't see it - be probably in a week
Plus instructions at the 'other side' for shuttle to the hotel
Any questions i'm here Di

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