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Yes - definitely: Justapussycatreally, Thea, Nigel7, Montie
Yes - maybe: Sel, Birdsong, Chris P, lizzied
Sorry - can't come: Carpe Diem!, catwalker, CambsMia, Bea ( Pebbles), Chris50, mirador, Elderflower

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catwalker   on 26/11/17 @ 20:04 said:

Looks a fantastic invite! I'll have to be a maybe for this as lots on March/April.

Montie   on 27/11/17 @ 7:20 said:

Yes please count myself and Zoe in - subject to something unforseen occurring re barn/farm in 5 months time!

Sel   on 29/11/17 @ 9:12 said:

Sounds fun - count me in. Live within driving distance, but would be great to share cottage, or B&B, then I can enjoy a drink!! Happy to stick bike in back of car!

CambsMia   on 01/12/17 @ 9:50 said:

This sounds great! Happy to share a cottage with others and help make arrangements. Can also offer lift from Cambridge...

Thea   on 10/12/17 @ 8:11 said:

Will decide nearer the time whether to stay or drive over. Love to cycle, can bring my bike, know a few cycle circuits

lizzied   on 03/01/18 @ 6:23 said:

Yes Blaxhall YH is very well placed and close to a super pub . How close is that to you Susie? Cottage might be more fun this time though!

Justapussycatreally   on 14/01/18 @ 19:41 said:

Hi Lizzie I%u2019d say Blaxhall is about 20 minutes drive from Peasenhall.

Nigel7   on 17/01/18 @ 8:33 said:

Hi. Probably. Have local campsite booked.

Nigel7   on 17/01/18 @ 8:35 said:

Will bring Bike.

mirador   on 05/02/18 @ 17:35 said:

A far flung corner of Britain I have not been too - this looks an interesting weekend, especially if there is a bit of biking thrown in. I will have a closer look at options when the week quietens down a bit! Extra days to make the travel worthwhile and a cottage sharing arrangement would be perfect

JacquiT   on 12/02/18 @ 21:00 said:

What a fantastic invite! I would live to come.. But unfortunately will be away til early May. Looking forward to hearing about it tho %uD83D%uDE01

Sel   on 17/02/18 @ 10:58 said:

I've been called for Jury service week beginning 9th April for 2 weeks (but could be longer) - hopefully still make it, asking for deferment as this also hits when I'm doing the Ridgeway and that's all booked. Will let you know outcome.

Justapussycatreally   on 19/03/18 @ 17:32 said:

It%u2019s a grand idea and great fun, especially as one of the easier walk ideas isAldeburgh to Thorpeness and return with pub grub at Thorpeness and time in Aldeburgh for shops/galleries/ice cream.

Justapussycatreally   on 21/03/18 @ 17:42 said:

Hi Rhona, great you can join us for at least part of it. We will have a walk and hopefully a cycle ride organised for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so let me know which days you%u2019d like to join in and we will keep you in the loop.

Justapussycatreally   on 28/03/18 @ 18:54 said:

Hi Rhona, my lot including Montie/Zoe are here Friday to Sunday or Monday; there are some lovely rooms at Hare Lodge in the village, otherwise I%u2019d page back up through the comments to see what people are doing re camping/YHA and ask the other people signed up as possibles what their up to date plans are.....I%u2019d like to know too!

Nigel7   on 03/04/18 @ 14:55 said:

Am staying Mill Hill campsite, have not camped in 40plus years.

No idea if site is good bad or indifferent but it will be good practice for my summer holiday.

Do not think it%u2019s too far from you

Justapussycatreally   on 08/04/18 @ 0:59 said:

Hi...with only two weeks to go and so I can do a bit of planning could I ask those on the maybe list to firm up their plans and let me know by Next Sunday and those on the yes list to let me know when they will arrive in Suffolk - in time for lunch and an afternoon walk on Friday or otherwise? Who wants supper in the pub Friday night? Cycle or walk? Up for bbq/bonfire Sat night? Leaving Sunday or Monday?

Justapussycatreally   on 08/04/18 @ 1:04 said:

Nigel...till I started volunteering at Glasto I hadn%u2019t camped since I was a lil kid in the rain in the lakes....don%u2019t worry,it%u2019s totally different now! Your tent goes up in 10 minutes, your self inflating mat means you don%u2019t wake up freezing cold and somehow, miraculously, without every bone aching, and a 20 quid weightless sleeping bag does the job of an old megabucks and mega heavy mountaineering job. Don%u2019t ask me how, just be happy!

Nigel7   on 08/04/18 @ 14:31 said:

Arrive 19th so have more than 10 minutes, leave 23rd

Fridays good

Will walk will have Bike but not riding byself

Nigel7   on 09/04/18 @ 23:15 said:

Hi how far is the Friday walk?

Justapussycatreally   on 09/04/18 @ 23:52 said:

Only about 5-7 miles depending on the route we decide to take. Beautiful though, with frequent sightings of seals and the church at Iken a really spiritual place whatever your leanings. Some very moving gravestones.

CambsMia   on 10/04/18 @ 10:17 said:

I really would have liked to come, but leg injury is taking a while to heal
BBQ sounds particularly fun!!

Justapussycatreally   on 11/04/18 @ 14:12 said:

Hope your injury heals soon Mia!

mirador   on 11/04/18 @ 17:26 said:

Unfortunately a bit too much going on to be able to make a long weekend of it at the moment. Sorry to have to miss!

Justapussycatreally   on 11/04/18 @ 18:11 said:

No worries, thanks for updating.

Thea   on 11/04/18 @ 20:13 said:

Only able to join you on Sunday but looking forward to the walk, one of my favourites.

Justapussycatreally   on 12/04/18 @ 13:28 said:

Great you can join us Thea, I%u2019m guessing 11am start from the beach car park at Dunwich but will confirm for sure closer to the date.

Elderflower   on 13/04/18 @ 22:38 said:

Im so sorry Susie, didn%u2019t get your update emails. Admin really needs to look at this. But personally I%u2019ve been crap. Loads to do with my own invite at Easter and so busy at work haven%u2019t managed to sort any accommodation or travel and am on a budget so now a no go. Gutted I%u2019m missing out on this but I%u2019m sure we%u2019ll meet up soon again (Monties in May?) and hopefully you%u2019ll repeat a similar invite! Have fun. Deli.xx

lizzied   on 15/04/18 @ 18:38 said:

Hi Susie, I hope you have a great weekend and all your hard work organising it is rewarded with fun and fab weather!!
I%u2019m sorry to be missing it and hope our paths cross again soon x

Justapussycatreally   on 16/04/18 @ 18:58 said:

If the weather forecast is correct for once it should be terrific!

Nigel7   on 22/04/18 @ 20:32 said:

Thanks Susie. Great three days and really good company.

Justapussycatreally   on 24/04/18 @ 23:02 said:

You%u2019re most welcome Nigel, glad you enjoyed. So lucky with the weather....

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