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Thank you - I have met someone using Outdoor Duo. He's very nice too!
Peaky Walker 

Met a wonderful man. Thank you

Met and married Tobyjug thanks to OD so no longer need the website as plenty of walking with two other clubs we are members of.

Great site, for finding outdoor people, have met my soulmate, thank you

Hi, It's a great site and works well I have met someone indirectly as a result Cheers

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Yes - definitely: mirador, Snowdoniawhite, mountainsnmusic, Indiana Jane
Yes - maybe: Ridgewalker, StephenJohn
Sorry - can't come: Maz, iansmyname.....orisitjohn?, chrissy100

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iansmyname.....orisitjohn?   on 18/09/17 @ 13:39 said:

I'm in. Might have to blag a half day on the Monday

Ridgewalker   on 19/09/17 @ 19:32 said:

Scramble-Drive-Sleep-Work -anythings possible

Unicorn   on 19/09/17 @ 23:33 said:

I would love to join you on this but I have a race in the morning

iansmyname.....orisitjohn?   on 23/09/17 @ 21:54 said:

Unicorn: Cancel that race......obvious choice

chrissy100   on 26/09/17 @ 13:49 said:

Ended up doing this scramble on Saturday and then down the Bera Bach ridge. Good day out. Hope to get out on your next welsh walk.

Indiana Jane   on 12/10/17 @ 18:23 said:

Debbie Eaton: Sometimes accommodation is organised for an event. In this case I'm leaving it to people to sort out individually. I think some people may be camping but most people haven't posted where they are staying. It might be worth getting in contact with Snowdoniawhite as she has posted that she has booked a B&B in Capel Curig and might be willing to share the room with another woman (see the Tryfan thread). It would be nice to meet up on the Saturday night somewhere so I'll try and give that some thought, though I've been too busy recently to think much about it.

mirador   on 15/10/17 @ 21:45 said:

There were still a few places at the Plas Curig Hostel when I booked a few days ago

iansmyname.....orisitjohn?   on 15/10/17 @ 21:47 said:

I was going to stay with my sis at Abergele but unfortunately she's away next weekend. I've booked a caravan on someone's drive near penmanmaur for Saturday night via airbnb. If any guys need a bed let me know. It's small but ok for a night.

iansmyname.....orisitjohn?   on 15/10/17 @ 22:07 said:

Sorry meant to add. It would be nice to have a meal together Saturday night.

Indiana Jane   on 16/10/17 @ 21:38 said:

What about Ty'n y Coed, Capel Curig (the pub with the stage coach outside) for a meal on Saturday night? Say 7pm? Or we could all meet up to taste the delights of Penmaenmawr (but not Penmanmaur, which you will struggle to find).

Snowdoniawhite   on 18/10/17 @ 8:56 said:

Indiana Jane: Dinner at Ty'n y Coed at 7pm sounds good to me. Thank you.

iansmyname.....orisitjohn?   on 18/10/17 @ 9:49 said:

Aha....well done Jane on spotting that obvious and deliberate spelling mistake .
Capel Curig sounds good for food. I'm staying at Dwygyfylchi Saturday night. Right next to the golf course.

Indiana Jane   on 19/10/17 @ 13:56 said:

I have made a booking at Ty'n y Coed for 6.45pm Saturday evening for 6 people. They are busy and couldn't fit us in later.

Indiana Jane   on 19/10/17 @ 14:00 said:

Weather is not looking great for Sunday. A bit better than Saturday but still probably too windy for scrambling. We'll meet at the time and place given above and see what conditions are like. If wet I fancy my reliable wet weather walk from Abergwyngregyn along the coast then onto the North Wales path, along the edge of the hills and back via the Aber Falls. Parking is next to the A55 so it is easy to get away afterwards.

mountainsnmusic   on 19/10/17 @ 22:04 said:

Waterfalls are good in the rain Jane

Indiana Jane   on 21/10/17 @ 16:39 said:

I assume that "maybes" won't be coming tomorrow so we will decide tonight where we are going tomorrow. Please note that I will NOT be at the original meeting point but that we will meet at a different place to do a walk more suited to the weather.

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